With The Help Of Global Growth Award Triumph Yealink Celebrates Its Number One Status

The leading enterprise solution provider for communications and collaboration solutions, known as Yealink, is currently now celebrating its success in the dual field of industry. This is after receiving the Global Growth Excellence Leadership Award in 2018. The award has been provided by the consulting firm known as Frost and Sullivan.

It is being reported that Yealink has improved its market in the desktop SIP shipments market. The IP desktop shipment industry lead by Yealink has increased by over 24.7 percent over the previous three financial years, and especially 50.4 percent in the year 2017. The company has sold over 2.9 million units in the year 2017, and that makes Yealink the market leader of SIP desktop units in the industry. This has only been possible due to the best price/performance value provided by the company, along with superior customer service, the perfect strategy for sustainability in the long run and finally established brand equity that is very strong.

One of the distributors of Yealink is Nimans, via which the company is able to sell various types of communication products, and also plans to serve as a one-stop solution as well. The head of the UK Yealink distributor, known as Joe Casari, said that the company is slowly evolving from just providing entry-level IP telephony systems to telephony systems for managers and
executives, which have advanced media functionality. The company has also been able to extend its portfolio to IP DECT phone systems, along with video collaboration solutions and also tabletop speaker phones used for audio conferencing.

It is no doubt to the users of Yealink products that, Yealink provides the best feature-rich products, at the most affordable prices, along with solutions that are easy to use as well. This helps in boosting the productivity and collaboration between employees of an organization. The company has also teamed up with Microsoft Skype Business too, with the idea of helping customers by the best possible communication solutions. Due to all these effective qualities, the company, Yealink, has been able to prove itself among its investors and customers, by receiving the excellence award in the year 2018. This will provide the company with the opportunity to provide more better services in the long-run. Yealink was founded in the year 2001, and its products are being in over 140 countries worldwide.

Yeaster PBX

Besides Yealink, there is the presence of Yeastar PBX IP telephony systems. With the help of Yeastar S series, the company has been able to provide powerful PBX IP phone systems for both small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to make a business successful, a strong
communication system is very much essential – and that is what Yeastar aims to provide to businesses. There are various types of Yeastar S series PBX IP telephony systems available, including the S20, S30, S100, S300, and a lot more other variants as well. Each product will suit every other business’ usage and needs.


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