League of Legends Is Revealing K/DA’s Seraphine as Next Champion

Recently, the Rion Games did announce that the pop group K/DA will be returning to various different games. One of the games in which K/DA did decide to return is the League of Legends.

In order to add to the official announcement for the new K/DA content to get various titles, Riot Games is now confirming that there will be an addition of Seraphine, the virtual character.

Yes, Riot Games did reveal that the virtual character who has been associated with the group since the inception, will be able to join the League of Legends characters as the Next Champion.

All the fans will be happy to know about the announcement of adding Seraphine as the next champion in the League of Legends game. Specifically, the Seraphine character will be available for the Public Beta Environment of the League of Legends on Tuesday onwards.

Seraphine is all set to go live and available on the 13th of October. You must know that she will be alongside a bunch of new K/DA All Out Content on October 29.

According to the reports of the press release announcement for the new content of K/DA, the name and title will be “Seraphine: The Starry-Eyed Songstress”.

You need to know that Seraphine happens to be either in the Support or Mid role for the tradition team in the League of Legends game.

You will be excited to know that Seraphine also has a special ultimate skin that players can get with 3250 RP. The ultimate skin will include different kinds of upgraded forms of the character which will be more similar to Elementalist Lux as you may have noticed before. It will indeed make the game more interesting and enjoyable.


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