Doctor Who Game Starring David Tennant, Jodie Whittaker Officially Announced

We are sure that all the Doctor Who fans that are residing all over the world have been waiting for it to happen for a long period of time. All the fans will soon be embarking on an amazing and thrilling journey or you can call it an adventure with the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors.

There will be two new video games that will be released in Spring 2021 is what we know from the announcement of Maze Theory and BBC Studios on Sunday.

Yes, all the Doctor Who fans will be happy to know that there will be an upcoming Doctor Who game which will have David Tennant and Jodi Whittaker as stars. They are the two most amazing and popular stars who are going to play the characters in the game.

As you all know, Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality is making its way forward to the gaming consoles and PC. It is surely a reimagining and expansion of 2019’s Doctor Who, a virtual reality game that goes by the name “Doctor Who: The Edge of Time”.

Whether you are a Doctor Who fan or if you love to play thrilling games, the upcoming Doctor Who game will indeed be a perfect choice for you.

It is sure that the gamers will be able to experience and enjoy the game as it offers players to wield the Thirteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver on an Easter egg-filled adventure.

There are several game features that you will surely like when you will be playing the upcoming new Doctor Who game.

Also, we are going to update you as soon as the Doctor Who game will be scheduled for its final release date. It is indeed a game that you should not miss out on.


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