Fans Are Excited As Fortnite Includes John Wick Skin Again

You will be happy to know that the John Wick set is returning back to the Fortnite game. Recently, Fortnite did announce that the John Wick set will officially be back in the Fortnite game.

It is sure that you must know the set has been made available previously. But as the John Wick set is just like John Wick himself, it keeps coming back again. 

There are so many interesting and amazing things that fans and gamers will be able to do so. That will include the Boogeyman Wrap, Gun Bag Back Bling, Simple Sledge Pickaxe, and, most importantly, skins based on John Wick and the assassin Sofia.

It is somewhat disappointing to know that Epic Games is yet to announce how long you will have to wait for the John Wick set to be available. All the gamers who were not able to grab the John Wick set last time to have the opportunity to grab it this time for sure.

But you may feel like it is so unfortunate to know that the John Wick Themed limited-time mode will not be available for the users.

As of today, it is unclear to predict the release date of the John Wick set again. The set was scheduled to be released to coincide with John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. All the fans have been waiting for the upcoming part of the franchise.

Therefore it seems like Epic Games did make the decision of returning back the John Wick set due to the fan demand. The gamers will be able to enjoy and experience a totally new look with the John Wick skin.

It will indeed be an amazing opportunity to grab the John Wick set in the amazing and thrilling game, Fortnite.



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