Key Location Of Broseidon’s And Brock’s Safe In Dead Island 2

Key Location Of Broseidon’s And Brock’s Safe In Dead Island 2:

As you start your trip through Dead Island 2’s Hell A, which is full of zombies, you’ll come across the GOAT Pen, a multi-story house.The world says that this streamer house used to belong to a group of annoying people, and that it is full of secrets and shocks.

One of these is a lockbox safe, which isn’t exactly hard to find but does need a special key to open. Here is what that you require to know to open Broseidon’s safe in Dead Island 2.

Finding Brock’s safe key is important if you want to get a strong weapon early on in Dead Island 2. This will let you access the Safe of Broseidon within the influential goat pen and get a big, rare club to hit zombie heads with.

You can’t get to it the initial time you look around Brock’s house, so this guide will show you how to get the key to Brock’s safe so you can improve your gear.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to look for Brock’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2, so you can open the Safe of Broseidon and get a high-level weapon.

Where Is Brock’s Key To His Safe?

When the special Apex enemies start to show during Dead Island 2, you’ll need to go back to the GOAT Pen to get the key to the safe. You’re seeking a zombie titled Crusher whose name is Brock. These zombies are big and strong, so they’ll be easy to find.

Before you fight Brock, try to get rid of any of the smaller zombies within the area so that you don’t get overpowered. After Brock has been taken care of, they will leave a key to the safe behind.

You can now use Brock’s Safe Key to open the Safe of Broseidon. Head back to the bedroom where it is. You will get a fresh item of gear as a prize for your hard work. Hopefully, it will be something you like.

Where Is Broseidon’s Safe?

When you enter the GOAT Pen from Alpine Drive’s front door, if you go to the right, you’ll find a bedroom with a video set-up.

The Safe of Broseidon is a lockbox that is right above the bed. You will need Brock’s safe key to open this safe. But you have to be far enough into the game that the special Apex infected begin to show up. This occurs when you reach the third area you visit.

What Will Happen If You Open Broseidon’s Safe?

Opening the Safe of Broseidon gives you access to unique, powerful gear that makes it easier to kill zombies. Before you can get Brock’s Safe Key, you have to move the story along and meet the Special Apex Infected. Look around the Goat Pen house carefully to find the safe.

As you walk through the GOAT Pen’s halls, pay extra attention to the rooms and what’s in them. Look for a bedroom that has a streaming setting in particular, as this room has the answer you’re looking for.

Different Ways To Beat Brock:

As you get ready for the important fight against Brock, the powerful Crusher monster, it is important to come up with a good plan and do what you need to do to win. Here are the most important steps to beat Brock and get his safe key.

  1. Make sure you have a good mix of tools to give yourself the best chance of beating Brock.
  2. This includes both long-range guns and close-range melee weapons, since Brock’s fighting style will require you to switch between the two as needed.
  3. When you go up against Brock, watch how he moves and how he attacks.
  4. If you can figure out how he acts, you will be better able to avoid his strong hits and fight back.
  5. The surroundings can help you in your fight against Brock.
  6. Bring him near natural dangers, like explosive barrels or electric fences, to do more damage and possibly stop him, giving you the chance to fight him again.


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