Eddie’s Toolbox & Landscaper’s Keys Location In Dead Island 2

Eddie’s Toolbox & Landscaper’s Keys Location In Dead Island 2:

In Dead Island 2, as you hunt through the crazy streets of Los Angeles, you’ll find a huge number of tools that you can use.

But the strangest and strongest weapons are often locked away in cases or loot boxes. Eddie’s Toolbox is one of these locked containers you’ll find in the story after you leave Emma’s house in Bel-Air.

In Dead Island 2, if you open a lockbox, you’ll get an additional piece of weaponry to help you fight the living dead. Eddie’s Toolbox is one of the hardest to obtain in the initial region of Bel-Air.

Before you can figure out how to open this lockbox’s puzzle, it’s necessary to make sure a few things are done. Here’s what you have to know about Eddie’s toolbox in Dead Island 2 and how to open it.

Landscaper’s Keys Where To Find Them:

As we’ve already said, to get the Landscaper’s Keys in Dead Island 2, you have to go to the starting point at Colt Swanson’s house in Bel-Air and kill the zombie named Green Thumb Eddie.

This enemy is powerful, and you’ve never seen him here before. So, you have to meet some prerequisites before he will show up.

You have to keep going through the story until you beat Butcho the Clown in Board walking Dead Mission 20. After that, the story of the game will take you to Bel-Air, where you can go to Colt Swanson’s house.

Go to the back yard by the pool, exactly as shown in the initial point of the picture above. Go via the tennis court where you battled Coach Ace the zombie at the very start of the story, then go up the stairs to the backyard with the pool.

Green Thumb Eddie is going to attack you almost right away, and the fight won’t be easy. First, zombies that aren’t as strong will get in your way. Second, Green Thumb Eddie is quick and strong, which makes it hard to avoid his strikes.

To slow him down, it’s best to grab a long-range weapon as well as shoot him through his legs. Green Thumb Eddie’s body is where you can get the Landscaper’s Keys after you win.

Where Eddie’s Toolbox Can Be Found:

Eddie’s Toolbox is in Emma’s Bel-Air property. You’ve probably run by it a lot but failed to figure out where the key was.

You need the Landscaper’s Keys to open this box, and it will drop a named zombie. The problem is that you have to play through a lot of the game before this zombie shows up.

How To Kill Eddie Greenthumb:

Do not overlook him. This guy is an Apex version butcher, which means he is very strong and can fix himself by eating dead bodies, similar to the Clown Butcher.

So, if you are interested in defeating him, you have to be bold and keep the pressure on him all the time. Take a hit or two so you can do some harm if you need to. Also, try to hit the legs for some important hits. And most of all, don’t let him out of your sight. He will be easy to beat.

When You Open Eddie’s Toolbox In Dead Island 2, You Get The Following:

Once you successfully get him to his knees, you can take your gift from his dead body. Get Emma’s keys and go back to her house. Fast forward, open the box, and you’ll get a high-performance Superior gun that matches your level. And yes, everyone gets the same thing.

How To Locate The Best Weapons In The Beginning:

The Defiant Hunting Knife as well as the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword are two weapons that are tied to separate missions in the early Beverly Hills part of Dead Island 2. The strong fighting knife comes from the “O Michael, Where Art Thou?” quest, which starts when players protect Jesse’s house.

On the map, heading north will take you to a house called Michael’s House, whose owner has become one of the living dead.

After killing Michael, who has turned into a zombie, players can take his safe key and use it to find the Defiant Hunting Knife. The Electrocutor Officer’s Sword is harder to find.

Players must start “The Clean & Snatch” mission from their safe house within Beverly Hills by taking an item from the pool. With the help of an item called Dave’s Phone, players had to find several phones and notes all over the area.

Once players have enough phones, they can go to Bel-Air to finish the quest. There, they will get an item called Obi’s Key, which can be used to open the box in the pool where the sword is kept.

At the beginning of the game, players might find the best tool to be a striking weapon that can also stop and lock zombies.

Other Good Weapons To Start With:

Weapon Description How to Find
Metal Bat A strong melee weapon that swings slow and heavy, but deals a critical hit whenever a strike lands. Past a locked door in Beverly Hills in a mansion to the northeast. Players must use a fuse box to open the garage that hosts the Metal Bat.
Sporting Rifle Long-range gun that does great damage to zombies from afar. A great weapon for boss fights like Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2. Completing the “Avenging Roonie” quest in Beverly Hills grants players this gun.
Slaughtering Claws Two sharp claws that act as a fast melee weapon that can hit zombies quickly. At Halperin Hotel, near the northeast corner of the map inside an open shipping container close to the very edge of the area.

At this point in the game, you can find melee-focused weapons that, to be honest, are good choices for the whole game.

As the story goes on, you’ll find more guns and skills, but the most effective weapons you discover initially inside Dead Island 2 are still useful as unique ways to kill zombies using only the right quantity of gore.


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