How To Find The Master Keys For The Goat Pen In Dead Island 2

How To Find The Master Keys For The Goat Pen In Dead Island 2:

When you’re visiting the first big area in Dead Island 2, you’ll probably find a house in Bel-Air where a bunch of streamers seemed to be living well before the zombie apocalypse.

The GOAT Pen, as it calls itself, is a multi-story house full of expensive toys and equipment that used to show what these content makers did every day.

In Dead Island 2 There Are Lots Of Secret And Places To Find:

In Dead Island 2, there are a lot of secrets as well as hidden places to find. Many of them lead to bonus items that can be used in Hell-A. The Goat Pen is a palace for people with a lot of power. Behind one locked door is a private bedroom.

In Dead Island 2, you’ll come across a lot of doors that are locked. This includes the master bedroom within the Goat Pen, a house owned by an influential person in the Bel Air area of the map, which is locked. To open some locked doors, you’ll need to get the Goat Pen master keys.

You might not be able to get into every room in this huge space, though, because a few of the doorways are locked as well as require keys specifically, the GOAT Pen Master Keys.

We can save you some time so you don’t have to run around and look for them. Here’s what you have to understand regarding obtaining the GOAT Pen Master Keys within Dead Island 2 as well as whether you really need them.

Goat Pen Master Keys Where To Find Them:

The bad news is that until a certain point in the game, it will be hard for you to locate the GOAT Pen Master Keys. But there is good news: there was another way to get into these rooms.

To get the GOAT Pen Master Keys, you have to finish the Creature Comforts side search, which will probably take you a few hours.

During this mission, you need to go to the GOAT Pen and get Curtis an old bottle of wine. This item is in the wine cellar, but the door is locked with the master keys, so you won’t be able to get to it.

Travelling Zombie Has GOAT Pen Keys:

Find the travelling zombie who has the GOAT Pen Master Keys to get them. Goat Pen Jamie is the name of the named opponent you want to find.

We found them in the basement of the bowling alley. After you beat them up, they’ll drop a key that you need to pick up. This will make it easy for you to get to the wine cellar and the main-floor master bedroom. You can still get into these places without the GOAT Pen Master Keys, though.

How To Get Into The Wine Cellar At The GOAT Pen:

If you don’t have the GOAT Pen Master Keys and still want to get into the wine cave, you’ll have to make a lot more noise. Since the whole front door is made of glass, it is easy to break through and make your own door.

But you’ll have to move fast, because doing so will set off the alarm in that room as well as let the zombies nearby know. To turn off the alarm, you must smash the device in its back corner up towards the sky.

How To Get To The Bedroom In The GOAT Pen:

In the GOAT Pen, the master bedroom is another sealed room that only the master keys can open. But, like the wine basement, you will have another way to get to this room.

If you go back outdoors to the driveway with all the expensive cars, you will discover a place on the roof where you can see the back of the house. Go to the side of the building where the master bedroom is. If you look down towards the rear of the building, you’ll see a patio with a few deckchairs.

Destroy The Security Alarm Before You Break Window:

If you drop down to this floor, you’ll be at the bedroom windows. Before you break them, though, you need to destroy a security alarm on the wall to the right. Once this is turned off, you can break via the bedroom window to obtain whatever you want without employing the master keys.

When the Creature Comforts side mission starts, go back to the Goat Pen on Alpine Drive in Bel-Air. Once you’re inside, you’ll finally end up in the master bedroom, where Curtis’s cigarettes are.


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