Is Melmetal Good And How To Use It Best In Pokémon Go?

Is Melmetal Good And How To Use It Best In Pokémon Go?

Melmetal is one of the handful of mythical Pokémon users can meet in Pokémon Go. Meltan, its first form, can be found when users open a Mystery Box in the mobile game. These boxes appear at certain times.

Meltan can change into Melmetal when it gets enough candies. Melmetal is a strong Steel-type Pokémon. What is it about this Pokémon that makes it such a good choice? Here’s everything you have to know about Melmetal and how to use it well in Pokémon Go.

Even though Melmetal gets most of the attention when it comes to Pokémon battles, Meltan is still a useful Pokémon in its own right. Even though this Pokémon’s highest CP is only 1,068 points, it still has a good range of attacks that can be used well in both PvP as well as PvE battles. Here are Meltan’s best moves and move-sets in Pokémon GO.

How To Use Melmetal Best:

It is a type of steel. Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type moves will do less damage to it, but Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, as well as other Steel-type moves will do more damage.

Melmetal is hard to defeat because it can block so many different types of attacks, but it is very vulnerable to fire, fighting, and ground attacks.

If you put Melmetal on your team, it’s important to protect it from any possible Fire, Fighting, or Ground form attacks or Pokémon. This means putting it with certain types of Pokémon, like Ghost, Rock, Water, or Psychic.

Depending on which Pokémon Battle League you join, Melmetal can team up with different types of Pokémon. Melmetal can join several different types of Pokémon Battle Leagues.

Melmetal is a great Pokémon because it can play in all of these leagues. Because of this, you should have more than one of it in your collection. In Pokémon Go, it can take a while to construct them, but they are good choices.

To get the most out of Melmetal, the best abilities to teach it are Thunder Shock, which is fast, Superpower, which is charged, and Double Iron Bash, which is also charged. Melmetal can learn a few other charged attacks, but these are the most effective ones.

Thunder shock Is A Quick Move.

Thunder shock is Meltan’s only choice for a fast move, and therefore this selection is pretty easy.  Thunder shock is a good move to have because it does good damage and gives Meltan a good charge for his charged moves.

Meltan can’t really do much without its charged movements, which Thunder shock could indeed help you get more often. Flash Cannon and Thunderbolt are moves with a charge.

When it comes to Meltan’s charged moves, Flash Cannon as well as Thunderbolt are the sole ones it can use. This makes it even easier to decide which move to use. Meltan’s Flash Cannon is at least a good attack of the same type, giving it a reliable move to use when it has enough energy.

Thunderbolt charges up more slowly than the other moves, but it still does a lot of damage and protects against Meltan for Water-types which it might have trouble getting past otherwise.

Is Melmetal Good?

Melmetal is a great Pokémon, and any trainer competing in the Great League, Ultra League, or Master League PvP categories should definitely use it. You might also want to keep one of the more special cups, like the Fantasy Cup.


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