How To Locate The Erdtree Seal Sacred Seal Inside The Elden Ring

How To Locate The Erdtree Seal Sacred Seal Inside The Elden Ring:

In order to cast incantations in Elden Ring, you’ll need a sacred seal. Which one you used would rely on the amount of money you spend inside the faith stat or other stats for specific seals.

If you want your Faith to be at its highest level and use the best seal, the Erdtree seal is the finest overall. Getting it will take some time and be dangerous, but it’s well worth it.

Erdtebral Seal has the best scaling for incantations when faith is high, but it has no other built-in bonuses. Here is where Erdtree Seal can be found in Elden Ring.

When it comes to magic, the Elden Ring gives players a lot of options for intriguing and distinctive builds. In the game, there are different kinds of glintstone spells, blood magic, as well as holy incantations.

But you don’t need to be smart to use the Elden Ring’s incantations. In the game, an incantation is done not with a staff but with a sacred seal.

The Erdtree Seal: Where Is It?

Find your way to the Volcano Manor on top of Mt. Gelmir, west of the Altus Plateau, to find the Erdtree Seal. Start your quest at the Prison Town Church Site of Grace in the volcanic part of the manor.

When you leave the church from this Site of Grace, turn right. In front of you will be a group of broken-down roofs, and to the right will be a path. Get up on the roofs.

Stay on the left side of the top of buildings until you see a big drop to your right with such a chimney in the middle. You’ll know you’re in the right place because there’s a fire pit below the roofs, and if you look around, you’ll have seen an Omen Killer enemy waiting by the fire.

Jump down to the ground and then either try to murder the omen murderer or stay away from it long enough to make it to the end of the alley. On the right side of the dead end, there will be a well-lit prison cell door. Go inside.

At the back of the cell, on a dead body, you’ll find the Erdtree Seal. The Seal starts out with C-level faith scaling for its stats, but as it is upgraded, its scaling gets better and better.

At +1, it scales at the B level. At +3, it scales at the A level, and even at +5, it scales at the S level. If you’d like to max it out, you’ll also need to get a lot of Somber Smiting Stones.

Requirements Scaling Buffs
40 Faith C Faith None


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