In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Buy And Build A House

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Buy And Build A House:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, as you travel around Hyrule, you’ll find yourself doing a lot of side tasks for the NPCs you meet. Home on Arrange is a quest that Link does just for fun. With the assistance of Hudson Construction, he can build the house of his dreams.

You can make changes to the house, just like in the Hylian Homeowner mission in Breath of the Wild. But in Tears of the Kingdom, you can do a lot more with the house. Set up the rooms any way you want, build a yard for your horse, as well as more.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, owning a house might not be high on your list of goals, but you can do it, and it’s a fun thing to do when you want to take a break from saving Hyrule Kingdom all the time.

You can build your own house within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Since Zelda has taken over your original home in Hateno Village from Breath of the Wild, you can make the house of your dreams in Tarrey Town with a system that works like a shipping container.

How To Get Access To Housing:

Players must first go to Tarrey Town within the northeast of Hyrule and talk to Hudson as well as Rhondson if they want to construct a house. In this part, they have a daughter named Mattison, and they are worried that she will leave home and go back to Gerudo Town.

Hudson seems very worried about his daughter going on a journey, so he asked Link if he would like to spend some time with her. This starts the side quest for Mattison’s freedom.

Players are going to find Mattison from there. When you talk to the girl, the small questline starts, and you have to follow her within town. She will first go to two people near the Tarrytown pond as well as ask these individuals if they are familiar with the Gerudo word for “Grandma.”

Vaba is the right answer. From there, Mattison wants to go see Hudson at his job site below town, but she has trouble getting past the “guard” who wants money to ride a nearby tram.

The players’ job is to hide the gaze of the “guard.” Players can use a nearby plank of wood, or they can go into a small cave on the other side of the mountain, climb up into a closet, and open a door. Rhondson will then give them Hudson cutouts which can be easily put in the path of the “guard.”

Once his eyes are hidden, players may speak to Mattison as well as let her know they are able to sprint by. The final action is to meet Mattison, who is positioned next to a hot air balloon, down near Hudson.

Hudson needs to paint the balloon, so he asks for ten things he might need. Players may have one of these in their collection, in which case they just need to talk to Hudson again.

There are a lot of dandelions all over the work site for people who want more. When players give the Sundews to the NPC, they’ll see a short movie and end the side mission.

After the secondary task is done, players can talk to Rhondson, who will provide them a special deal for 1500 rupees that includes a house and two rooms.

How To Put The House Together:

At first, Rhondson said that this purchase does cost 3,000 rupees, but that he is giving a special deal of 1,500 rupees for purchasing a plot of land within TotK. We suggest having exactly what you need plus a little bit more so that you are able to pay for additional items later.

Rhondson told everyone after the purchase that the land is southwest of town, on top of an isolated peak with a great view of the area. In Tears of the Kingdom, it’s an excellent location for Link to relax and build a home.

We had to climb to get here, but luckily there’s a shrine called Rasitakiwak Shrine right next to the house, which made it a great place to quickly get somewhere else.

Granteson, an employee of the Hudson Builders team, met us when we got there, and we were able to start building our house. The deal involved two starting rooms, which can be used right away.

We enjoyed to utilize our Ultra-hand to set them up in the roped-off area. These are the first steps, so they might not look great at first, but they’re a good way to start building a peaceful home in TotK.

When we were done, we talked to Granteson and told him that the initial parts of the Tears of the Kingdom home were done. After a careful checkup,

Rhondson will go to Granteson, who will be standing outside the house with a Hudson stall, to find out more about how the construction process works and the way we can keep adding more homes.

How To Make Your House Unique:

After you finish the main quest, you can make more changes to your home. Talk to Grantéson again, and this time choose “I’ll start building.”

Talk to Grantéson when you’re in building mode and choose “I require additional rooms.” Then, choose “I’ll purchase or preview rooms!” Here, you can buy different rooms for your home.

Room Price (Rupees) Function
Angled Room 300 Decorative
Furnished Angled Room 400 Decorative
Square Room 350 Decorative
Furnished Square Room 450 Decorative
Weapon Stand Room 600 Display three weapons
Bow Stand Room 600 Display three bows
Shield Stand Room 600 Display three shields
Gallery 400 Display a painting

Show Grantéson a photo by interacting with the empty photo frame in the gallery, and he’ll paint a picture of it to display here

Bedroom 400 Sleep in the bed to restore your hearts
Kitchen 400 Use the cooking pot to make meals
Blessing Room 400 Pray to the Goddess Statue to exchange Lights of Blessing for hearts or stamina
Paddock 400 Interact with the paddock and Grantéson will bring one of your horses here
Foyer 300 Entrance or exit to the house
Study 250 Decorative
Indoor Stairs 350 Used to expand to another floor
Outdoor Stairs 300 Used to reach another floor from the outside The stairs can be flipped and used upside down
Garden Pond 300 Decorative
Flower Bed 250 Decorative


How To Purchase A Home:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you don’t buy a house so much as the land on which to build one. Even so, this is a pretty complicated process that must be done if you want to build a simple home.

You need to go to Terry Town, which is northeast of Hyrule. You can talk to Rhondson or Hudson. They will talk regarding their son, Mattison, as well as how worried they are about her going to Gerudo Town.

Discover Mattison on the house’s second floor. If you track Mattison to her grandma, Monari, she will ask you what “granny” means in Gerudo. The right response is “Vaba.” Next, Mattison desires to take the railcar at the building site, but her father will stop her there.

Use a plank or a puff mushroom to block her dad’s view, and then tell Mattison it’s secure to sneak past. Find Mattison nearby Hudson and give him the 10 dandelions he wants. Talk to Rhondson to finish the quest.


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