In Tears Of The Kingdom, Is Kass The Rito Bard

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Is Kass The Rito Bard?

Since The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has been out for a while, people have been slowly learning about its huge world and story. Seeing figures that fans liked in Breath of the Wild come back for a second journey.

We saw Link as well as Zelda along with Prince Sidon, Riju, as well as Tulin in the trailers, and even more characters showed up in the game. But one major character from Breath of the Wild is missing, as well as fans are trying to find them.

Gamers of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are looking everywhere for all of the characters and places from the first game that are back.

Due to this, players have had many touching moments with these characters, as well as seeing them again adds the overall depth of the game.

Is Kass In The Game?

Kass isn’t within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, or least not in the base game. There are signs that Kass is somewhere within Tears of the Kingdom. In the game’s version of Rito Village, you are able to locate his wife and kids, all of whom are a little older than they were in Breath of the Wild.

Link can also hum the tune of Kass’s theme and other famous Zelda tunes when he’s cooking, which is a cool Easter egg. For more proof, a pelican called Penn will say that he was motivated by a certain singer after he has finished some of his tasks. In addition,

There’s also a claimed picture of Penn saying that he’s really Kass, but quite a few gamers say that this is a fake.

What Did Kass TOTK Do?

Tears of the Kingdom players and fans still talk about how strange it is that Kass isn’t there. The fact that no one knows where he is has led to a lot of ideas and guesses in the game community.

Some people think that his absence could have a greater meaning that has to do with a future plot twist or change in the story. Even though Kass is hard to find, his impact can be felt all over the game.

Players can learn parts of his story by finding hints and references hidden all over the kingdom. These pieces paint an image of a well-liked character who has an effect even when he is not there.

As players go on quests and talk to the game’s characters, the fact that Kass’s children and other characters talk about him adds a layer of mystery and drama.

Kass’s absence is shrouded in mystery, which makes people want to find out the truth about it even more. The choice by the developers to hide Kass’s character

Whether to build up excitement or for a future DLC release, he has done a good job of getting players excited, and they can’t wait to see him. Until then, the game community is still very interested in what happened to Kass and what people think about it.

We don’t think Kass the Bard exists in Tears of the Kingdom right now, and I don’t know if we’ll see him again. If gamers find him, he could appear near the end of the adventure, or he might only show up after they finish certain side quests.

Find Out More About Kass:

Kass is a wandering musician who looks for the “Ancient Songs” all over Hyrule Kingdom. He left his family as well as his home town of Rito Village to do what his master, the Court Poet, asked him to do before he died.

Kass’s diary, which may have been found inside a hut on Washa’s Bluff, describes this trip. Link will notice the Sheikah Slate Kass is holding when he first meets him, but he will apologise for being nosy.

Kass is surprised to hear that Link hadn’t witnessed a Rito before when Link queries if he is a bird. He then introduces himself to Link as well as asks if he has ever heard of the “Ancient Songs.”

He goes on to say that the “Ancient Songs” are about the hero from 10,000 years ago who beat Calamity Ganon. Kass may be found at multiple stables in Hyrule Kingdom while he is on his trip. There, he performs a version of Epona’s Song that goes well with the normal “Stables” tune.

At these stables, he is going to sing a “ancient song” for Link about the last time Calamity Ganon was sealed away. The court poet taught him this song. Kass thanks Link for the song and invites him to come back and hear it again.

Kass asks Link at Wetland Stable if he has been to the local Kaya Wan Shrine, since he knows a lot regarding old sites.

He says that he heard regarding them from the Court Poet, who was from the Sheikah group and often went with Princess Zelda to look at ruins. Kass says that the court poet always seemed happy when he told him these stories.

Kass tells Link that there are many ideas about where the song he sings at the stables came from when they meet at Foothill Stable. He heard from the court bard that the old hero played a song to call his horse friend. He tells Link to come back to give it a listen.

At the Gerudo Canyon Stable, Kass is going to be surprised that he made it this far, since he himself had trouble flying there.

He says that when the Great Calamity happened, the Court Poet, who worked for the Royal Family of Hyrule, had to leave Hyrule Castle. He thinks that the trip was much riskier than his own.

If you talk to Kass at Rito Stable, he will say that he misses his house. He says that when he left on his trip, he enjoyed to leave his wife, Amali, as well as their children behind. He hopes they remain well.

But he tells her that he can’t come back until he keeps his word to the court poet. Kass will start to explain what he promised when Link speaks about it, but then he will decide that now wasn’t the time to tell Link.

He tells Link that when he has learned all of the “ancient songs,” he will fulfil his commitment with him in Rito Village.

Kass is also found in the wild in a number of places. In Kass’s Journal, where he writes down all of the “ancient songs” he knows, you can find hints about where these places are. Kass will play a “ancient song” at every one of these places, and Link will get a shrine task or a side task.


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