The Never-Ending Lecture Quest Guide In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Never-Ending Lecture Quest Guide In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Want to know how to finish The Never-Ending Lecture extra mission within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? After finishing the Water Temple and gaining the help of the Sage of Water Sidon, there’s almost no narrative missions for you within the Lanayru Great Spring area.

But then there remains a lot of side material with good benefits. One such side task was The Never-Ending Lecture, throughout which you may discover another part of the great Zora Armor Set.

Revisiting Zora’s domain as well as talking to NPC Chroma will enable you understand that she lost Zora Helm. So if you’re ready to find a mask for Chroma, we’re here to assist you and tell you how to finish The Never-Ending Lecture within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The Zora Helm has returned within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, giving Link the last bit of awesome blue gear he needs to move as quickly as a fish. There are different protection parts for you to track down, and just one of them shows in the Never-Ending Lecture task.

How To Access The Never-Ending Lecture Quest:

The Never-Ending Lecture can be obtained after finishing the Sidon of the Zora Primary Mission. Talk to Chroma upon the upper floor to begin this task.

How To Begin The Never-Ending Lecture Quest:

To begin the extra mission “The Never-Ending Lecture,” you initially need to finish the primary quest “Sidon of the Zora.” Then proceed to the throne chamber within Zora’s domain as well as speak to Chroma.

A Zora stands off to the left of the Dorephan. She’s being taught constantly by Khira, the Zora stood beside her, but the lessons hint at the position of the Zora Helm.

The only tip they have is that it lives within a sky fish, so it’s unclear, but since you’ve finished the Water Temple, it ought to sound familiar. Floating Scales Island, to the east, was a big fish-shaped sky island that you needed to use to reach the Water Temple.

Use The Zora Armor To Reach Sky Island:

You can reach the sky island by employing Zora Armor to swim up the stream east of Mipha Court, but the faster option is to float over from Wellspring Island.

Once you’ve arrived on the island, head for the ‘tail’ of the fish, on the southeast side of the island. From there, observe the northernmost point of the island to spot a lamp marking a small, secret tunnel.

Follow the short road to find a chest with the Zora Helm inside, putting the quest to a close. If you would like Zora Greaves finished set, talk to Yona to start the quest for “A Token of Friendship.”


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