In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Beat Flux Construct II

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Beat Flux Construct II:

There are a lot of new things in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, like two huge maps to discover and a whole new society called the Zonai. The Flux Constructs are strong and dangerous, and they are used as spies all over the Sky Kingdom.

Flux Constructs are big enemies that can be found all over Hyrule within Tears of the Kingdom. These huge machines were left by the Zonai to protect the Sky Islands as well as their advanced technology.

Link can, however, beat Flux Constructs to get ready for the fight towards the real threat to the world. This guide tells you where to find Flux Construct II and how to beat it so that everyone can use the resources this drops.

They are going to attack Link as soon as he comes within their range of awareness, but they have valuable things inside them, like strong fuse items. To get to them, you’ll have to know how to beat them, which will take strength, speed, and skill.

Flux Construct II Can Be Found:

In TotK, Flux Construct II is located within the Sokkala Sky Archipelago, which is in the sky east of Lookout Landing. The map coordinates for this area are 3651, 1813, and 0988. See the link above for a picture of this place.

Link needs to make use of the Uri Mountain Skyview Tower to get to the Sky Islands beyond the Uri Mountain area and land on the big platform where Flux Construct II may be seen walking around.

Flux Constructs II How To Beat Them:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Link has to fight through two stages of Flux Construct II. In the first part, it attacks as a huge block-made figure.

This part is easy to fight, especially if you’ve already beaten Flux Construct I. Link needs to employ his Ultra-hand to take out blocks until he is able to grab the bright one as well as shake it out. This will break Flux Construct II, letting Link hit the bright block and damage it.

The second part of the battle against Flux Construct II is a lot harder. The boss turns into a platform that floats in the air and leaps into the sky.

Link can’t get there with anything he has, and he can’t build with Zonai tools because the enemy is going to continue throwing blocks at him from above.

Link shouldn’t try applying the Ultra-hand on it from below. Instead, he should run to the island linked to Flux Construct II’s platform and look for the homemade boat there.

Link can fly above the boss in the hovercraft, land on it, and hit the bright cube again. The boss will then change into a cube that Link can take blocks from, just like the humanoid form, before going back to this flying platform form again.

If the hovercraft flies away or falls to the ground, it will reappear on the linked island, so Link ought to utilize it again to kill the boss.

When Flux Construct II is destroyed, it will drop a Flux Construct II core, a big Zonai charge, a few small Zonai charges, and a gun. On this island, there will additionally be a chest that Link may unlock to obtain an old picture of the deep of Hyrule.

How To Use Flux Construct Core II:

Flux Construct II will drop many things when you beat it during Tears of the Kingdom, such as Flux Construct Core II. This is a very powerful piece of Zonai technology that may be joined to a weapon to make it 20 times more damaging.

Attach it to Link’s strongest weapon at the time as well as save it for a big fight later in the game’s story.

Flux Construct Core II places two spinning Zonai units to the conclusion of any weapon that does a lot of damage. This is great for when Link comes up against a big enemy and requires something to reduce them down to size.


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