When Do Red Moons Appear, Tears Of The Kingdom?

When Do Red Moons Appear, Tears Of The Kingdom?

If you know when blood moons occur within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can avoid a lot of the same things that happen a lot. This feature was added in Breath of the Wild to give the Era of the Wilds part of the Zelda timeline some backstory.

Overall, enemy respawning is simple to understand and has been a part of games for a long time.

But the idea of a blood moon that is controlled by a bad force and brings back old enemies sounds interesting and even Zelda-like. In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, when do blood moons happen? Get your heart cases, put your tools together, and keep reading to figure this out.

Blood Moons are again in Tears of the Kingdom. In Breath of the Wild, they sometimes made Link’s life very hard.

When there is a blood moon, every adversary that have been killed around Hyrule come back from the dead. This ruins any peace that could have been made. This guide tells players when blood moons rise so they can stay safe and keep working.

How Often Do They Happen?

Within Tears of the Kingdom, every 7 game days, the Blood Moon rises. Because of how time moves in the game, this happens about once every 3 hours in real time.

This timer doesn’t keep track of when Link rests or when the game was stopped. It’s just game time passing while Link is busy exploring the world of Hyrule.

When there is a blood moon in ToK, the sky will become red, the music will alter to become creepier, as well as red particles will begin to float surrounding the world.

When this occurs, players may feel stressed by the quick appearance of enemies in certain places. But they won’t be stronger than usual. The Blood Moon made us think that was the case the first time, but it wasn’t.

What Happens During A Blood Moon?

The Blood Moon was an event that happens every 168 minutes of gameplay. It resets many things in Hyrule, like weapons, shields, monsters, as well as loot points. When it goes off, you’ll see a movie that tells you what’s going on.

Even though 168 minutes seems like an odd number, that’s how long a week goes by in Hyrule without stopping.

This restart button is very helpful, especially if you want to farm Zoanite, bomb flowers, or sub-bosses such as the Stone Talus, Flux Construct, Gleeok, or the incredibly brave King Gleeok.

Note that guns you discover on the ground are going to be instantly refilled, but loot boxes you open won’t be. If you find something you like on the land, you can mark it on your map and get a new one within a week.

What Do Blood Moons Do?

Blood Moons make enemies in Hyrule come back to life. This means that every enemy Link has killed in the last 7 game days, no matter how strong or weak it was, will come back to Hyrule, where he first met it.

Second, all weapon drops as well as ore will come back around Hyrule. This means that any ore-filled holes will be repopulated and that all weapons found in places like villages can be seized again.

This lets players get strong base weapons again, so they can combine them with things such as Flux Construct Cores.

Lastly, if Link cooks during a blood moon, the food may have a few extra or better effects on Link’s state. It might involve a boost to the amount of any effect, more heart healing for recipes, or making the effects last longer.

Link’s cooking has a chance effect, but cooking throughout a blood moon seems like a pretty secure method to get through it because meals have long-lasting effects.

Can Someone Make A Blood Moon Happen?

If you want to see another Blood Moon, all you have to do is keep playing the game for 168 minutes.

So, the clear question is whether a blood moon can be made to happen. Even though you might want to sleep for a week to make it happen, the game will know what you’re doing and make you sweat it out.


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