Epic Heroes Codes May 2023

Epic Heroes Codes May 2023:

Epic Heroes was a great mobile game that lets me play a quick collecting card hero game while I’m on the train. The game gave me fantastic heroes right from the start, and whenever I got stuck, I was able to play the Save Dog minigame to gain the upper hand.

When matters got really bad, the game gave me a hero named Desperate Crow Claire, which I used to breeze through the entire War 1-1 chapter.

The RPG Epic Heroes Save Animals was made by Dinosaur Games. It’s a card game that you can play on your phone. To beat the different levels, you have to use different heroes and methods.

The code system in Epic Heroes was a great feature that lets players exchange codes for free prizes. You can get gems, books, and other things by entering these codes.

Who doesn’t like getting things and boosts in a game for free? Well, you’ll be ready to get some pretty crazy boosts for your travels if you use Epic Heroes codes.

The codes for Epic Heroes helped me get more gold and gems, which are both important game resources I used to level up my hero cards.

These boosts are going to be helpful, especially for new players because they will give them an edge and help them get into the game quickly. Check out Idle Heroes Codes if you like this game.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
OVEUMOM! 2 Excellent Faction Scrolls and 300 Diamonds Active [Latest]
Xhero2022 x3 Scrolls and 200 Diamonds Active

How to Use Codes in the Game:

  1. Epic Heroes will start up on your device.
  2. Tap the icon in the top left corner of the display that looks like a person’s face.
  3. After that, a new choice will show up. Tap the code button here.
  4. Enter the code as well as tap ‘Exchange’ to get the prize that goes with it.

How Can I Get More Codes For Epic Heroes?

Follow the game’s creator, @dinosaurcontrol, on Facebook to make sure you constantly receive the most recent Epic Heroes codes.

You can also press Ctrl+D to save this page as a favourite and keep up with the most recent software updates. Pro Game Guides’ code pieces are always up-to-date, and we’re always searching the internet for new codes.

My Codes Don’t Seem To Work:

Your Epic Heroes codes could fail for a few different reasons. The numbers might run out. Most of the time, developers release new codes around holidays or milestones.

Most of the time, these kinds of codes don’t last forever. Make sure to use your codes as quickly as you can so you don’t miss out on free stuff.

There could also be typos or missing words in the numbers. Some codes also pay attention to case. The best way to make sure that codes are always entered correctly is to copy them out of the list on the Pro Game Guides page and put them into the game.

Additional Methods To Get Rewards For Nothing:

Save Dog is a minigame that you can play to get extra boosts within Epic Heroes. The game goes from one stage to the next as you move through the main game.

The goal was to keep the dog from getting hurt by drawing a line between it and the beehive. Once you’re done drawing, the bees are going to attempt to get to the dog. If your fence works, the bees won’t be able to get to the dog.

Who Are These People?

As we’ve already said, Epic Heroes is a role-playing game in which you recruit different hero cards as well as plan how to use them to move forward on a stage. As you move through the game, you’ll unlock new skills as well as upgrades for the cards you have that will assist you get further.


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