In Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0, Here’s How To Find The Sattiq Caves Dead Drop In The DMZ

In Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0, Here’s How To Find The Sattiq Caves Dead Drop In The DMZ:

When you play the DMZ game in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, you’ll have to finish a number of tasks. These tasks will take you throughout the game’s main maps, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the goals are.

Al Mazrah is a huge, brand-new map that came with the first season of Warzone 2. As players explore Al Mazrah, they will pick up a lot of guns, things, and cash.

Dead Drops are places all over the map where players can store their cash safely and turn it into XP. Most of the time, they look like big trash cans with white lines around them.

There are a lot of them all over the map, and they protect players’ loot. Many are tied to tasks, like the Sattiq Cave Dead Drop.

Al Mazrah has 11 Dead Drop spots, and Ashika Island has three. Here is an extensive list of Dead Drop locations inside the Warzone 2 DMZ, in case you need a place to leave your loot quickly.

The Sattiq Caves Dead Drop Is Located In:

The Sattiq Caves are a place in the DMZ that you can only get to if you have the Al Mazrah plan. You have to wait in queue here to join a game, or else you won’t be able to locate the Sattiq Caves.

Also, make sure the Zero Tolerance task is in the queue for your chosen goals so that your progress towards finishing it reflects while you play.

From there, go to the northern part of the Sattiq Cave Complex, as well as you’ll find the dead end outside the borders. This is better than being right in the caves, where some of the most dangerous NPCs within the DMZ keep a close eye on things.

When you get to this dead drop, you can deal with the thing and use it for any DMZ task you need to finish. Most of the time, you’ll need to go here for the Zero Tolerance task, one from the line that was crossed out.

To finish this task, you’ll need to go to the Sattiq Caves to get the Cartel Recon Report item and afterwards use it to get out. You may not discover the information at this spot if it has already been taken by another player.

If you have, you might have to start a new DMZ match on Al Mazrah or try to take it from another player by killing them. It might be easier to start a new match, though.

All Of Al Mazrah’s Dead Drops:

Al Bagra Fortress:

This dead drop is on the southeast corner of Al Mazrah, on the east side of the Al Bagra fortress. The trash can is on the side of a house outside of the castle.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric:

You can find this dead drop in Zarqwa Hydroelectric, next to a bridge and behind a petrol station.

Akhdar Village:

If you want to drop something off at the Akhdar Village Dead Drop, you should be ready to fight. The skip is right in the centre of an area where AI enemies are all around it. It is close to one of the main square’s exits.

Zaya Observatory:

There is also a lot of danger in the Zaya Observatory Dead Drop. The point of interest (POI) is usually a busy place in the DMZ as well as Warzone 2, where both AI and real players are fighting. The dumpster is on the northeast side of the area, between three houses.

Sattiq Cave Complex:

This dead drop can be found in the middle of the Sattiq Cave Complex, in a spot next to an ambulance and a tent.

Between Al-Safwa Quarry And Rohan Oil:

This dead drop is next to a house on the main highway between Rohan Oil as well as Al-Safwa Quarry. Players shouldn’t have to worry too much about enemies being close to them in this isolated area.

City Of Al-Mazrah:

Players will need to get to know this Dead Drop because they have to drop 20 pieces of dangerous tools in it as part of a group task. It is in an alley in the city near the post office.

Maziweh Marshlands:

This dead drop is just northeast of the Maziweh Marshlands and south of the city of Al Mazrah.

East Of Al Sharim Pass And North Of Al Malik Airport:

This dead end is east of Al Sharim Pass and north of Al Malik Airport.

Cemetery Of Al Samman:

Just northeast of Al Samman Cemetery is this dead end.

City Of Sa’id:

This dead end was right next to the Sa’id City shopping area on the east side.

Every Dead Drop On Ashika Island


Under Tsuki Castle, there’s a network of caves with a base for a submarine. To get to this Dead Drop, players will have to go underground as well as fight off enemy AI fighters who are guarding the area.

Science Centre:

The dead drop for the Science Centre is in the northwest corner of the map.

District of Homes:

This Ashika Island dead drop was in a neighborhood, in the back yard of one of the smaller houses along the fence.


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