What Is This Week’s Nightfall Weapon In Destiny 2?

What Is This Week’s Nightfall Weapon In Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, Nightfall events let Guardians test their skills every week. If they score over 100,000, it’s a good way to get a Pinnacle Gear engram, but the Nightfall weapon is what everyone really wants.

On higher levels, Nightfall’s may be among the most tough things to do in Destiny 2. The good news for guards is that they also come with prizes. At least one Nightfall weapon is going to be available to drop from Nightfall completions every week.

This was a powerful tool to add to your collection. If you finish it on harder challenges, you have a greater likelihood of getting the item, or you may finish it on Grandmaster mode to get an expert form. This guide shows you how to get this week’s Nightfall weapon in Destiny 2.

Do you want to learn what this week’s Nightfall weapon is in Destiny 2? When you finish Nightfall Strikes, you have a chance to get a different weapon every week. Since Season of the Lost, fan-favorite weapons from the first Destiny have been introduced to the mix.

It’s more important than ever to know the Nightfall weapon plan in advance, since new weapons are often added when a new season starts.

This Week’s N    ightfall Weapon Is:

You’ll be put with an insignificant fireteam of 3 Guardians, so you’ll have to work with them to finish the task in a good amount of time. This week, the Mindbender’s Ambition is the Nightfall weapon.

At the conclusion of Nightfall, your score will be higher if you beat more than one enemy in less time. There is no matching for this mode, so make sure you have a few friends with you before you go into Nightfall.

From Season 20, There Are New Nightfall Weapons:

Bungie brought back the following Nightfall guns with “Season of Defiance.”

  • Buzzard – Sidearm
  • THE SWARM – Machine Gun

Changes To Nightfall’s Weapons In 2023:

There are 16 guns that can only be used in Nightfall, but only six of them are available right now, and only one drops each week. This season, these are some of the other tools that will be used.

  • Wendigo GL3 – Grenade Launcher
  • Hung Jury SR4 – Scout Rifle
  • The Militia’s Birthright – Grenade Launcher
  • Mindbender’s Ambition – Shotgun

Last but not least, here are the last Nightfall guns that aren’t being changed this season.

  • Duty Bound – Adaptive Auto Rifle
  • Silicon Neuroma – Sniper Rifle
  • D.F.A. – Hand Cannon
  • Horror’s Least– Pulse Rifle
  • PLUG ONE.1 – Fusion Rifle
  • The Comedian – Shotgun
  • The Hothead – Rocket Launcher
  • The Palindrome – Hand Cannon
  • Uzume RR4 – Sniper Rifle

Updates For Destiny 2 Light fall Nightfall:

Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn as well as the Bungie team recently updated players on what to expect from Nightfall’s and Light falls.

This season, Season 16 and Season 19 Battlegrounds will be added to the Vanguard Ops group. Also, the Mars Battleground from season 19 will be brought back in season 20 as Grandmaster Nightfall, and other Battlegrounds will come after that.

Bungie also changed the Lake of Shadows and The Arms Dealer strikes, which have been “re-imagined as well as upgraded to match the combat engagement levels of some of our more recent strike entries,” according to Blackburn. Both will be in the mix for Nightfall.

Four of the game’s six Grandmaster Nightfall’s will have either brand-new content or material that has been updated. Since Blackburn only talks about three Nightfall’s in the text, it seems like an additional Grandmaster Nightfall might be a new Light fall strike.


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