How To Use Sage’s Will Within Tears Of The Kingdom And What It Does

How To Use Sage’s Will Within Tears Of The Kingdom And What It Does:

The Sage’s Wills resides on the sky islands. For each four you spend, you can make one of the Sage’s skills stronger. You’ll have to be smart about which Sage’s Wills you power up first, since not all of them are easy to find while others are bound behind very hard enemy fights.

Almost every item within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has been put to good use.

We’ve been putting pieces of monsters into our weapons, shooting foes with the strong fruit, and sneaking up on them with Puff mushrooms. The Sage’s Will, a special Key Item you may discover in TotK, stopped us right in our tracks while making us scratch our heads.

The Sage’s Will is an unique item, but it doesn’t seem to do much for you besides sit in your Key Things spot.

After doing a lot of research and learning more regarding it in Tears of the Kingdom, we are able to state that the Sage’s Will is very useful, but it’s a little hard to figure out how to use one.

If you found a Sage’s Will but don’t know what “Sage abilities” means, play the remainder of the main story as well as come back to this page later until you don’t mind some hints about how to play the game.

What To Accomplish With The Will Of The Sage:

The Sage’s Will is like the Light of Blessing from the Lord of the Rings. It’s a Key Item that we’ve only found a few of while wandering the game. Once we’ve found all of them, we won’t be able to get any more, and we won’t be able to put any more in our collection.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you need to find all of the Sage’s Will because they are used to boost your Sage Powers. Aside from the main story, the Sage Powers have to do in the four Sage’s Temples, like the Wind Temple or the Water Temple.

These places have to deal with Hyrule’s most important towns, and when you finish these tasks, the Sages will provide you more of their power for the rest of the game.

Location For Sage’s Will:

South Hyrule Sky Archipelago (-0950, -1751, 1013)

South Eldin Sky Archipelago (1781, 0972, 1226)

Eldin Sky Archipelago (1765, 2266, 0827)

Starview Island (-3457, -0263, 1939)

Lanayru Great Spring Sky (2910, 0525, 0929)

Sokkala Sky Archipelago (3810, 1580, 1144)

East Gerudo Sky Archipelago (-1959, -1812, 1140)

South Hebra Sky Archipelago (-3075, 2150, 0647)

Thunderhead Isles (0967, -3307, 0846)

Dragonhead Island (1309, -3210, 0459)

North Tabantha Sky Archipelago (-3780, 1572, 1238)

North Necluda Sky Archipelago (1934, -1063, 0961)

Wellspring Island (3378, 0624, 1290)

Faron Sky Archipelago (-0360, -2586, 0894)

South Necluda Sky Archipelago (2567, -3612, 0894)

Lanayru Sky Archipelago (3016, -0286, 0894)

West Hyrule Sky Archipelago (-2292, -0412, 0894)

West Hebra Sky Archipelago (-4470, 2175, 1252)

Unnamed island above Eventide Isle (4652, -3827, 1065)

Unnamed island in Gerudo Sky (-4447, -2730, 1419)

Where To Get Sage’s Will Back:

In Tears of the Kingdom, you need to go to each of the Goddess Shrines you discover as you play. You can find these shrines in certain places in the game, especially in the most important towns.

The easiest one to locate is under Lookout Landing, which serves as one of the starting points in Central Hyrule. We talked to the Goddess Statue, and it told us the same thing it would have said if we had given it our Light of Blessing charges.

To improve the Sage Power we already have, we need to send at least four sages’ wills. You can use this Key Item to make Sage stronger, but it doesn’t do much else.

What Are The Wills Of Sage?

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, a Sage’s Will is a treasure that can only be found in chests on the sky islands.

Once you have four Sage’s Wills, you may attach them to a Goddess Statue to make the bond among Link and his Sage friends stronger, which will make their powers better.

Spend your Sage’s Will power-ups onto the Sage you use most often, since it gives them a nice boost to their attack that can help a lot in tough fights. Before you start looking for all of the game’s Sage’s Wills.

Make sure you have a lot of Zonai tech elixirs, arrows, bows, batteries, as well as anything else that will help you get around the sky islands and fight big enemies like Gleeoks and Flux Constructs. Now, let’s look at where in the Sage’s Wills you can find them all.

Sage’s Wills How To Use Them:

Once Link has gathered four Sage’s Wills, he may head back to any of the Goddess Statues in Tears of the Kingdom and use them almost the same way he used the Lights of Blessing.

Sage’s will, on the other hand, doesn’t boost Health and Stamina. Instead, it boosts the attack power of every Sage that Link hires. Unfortunately, this only changes the Sage’s attack power. It doesn’t change the ability’s cooldown time or anything else.


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