Within Tears Of The Kingdom, Do Items And Weapons Come Back

Within Tears Of The Kingdom, Do Items And Weapons Come Back?

The open world of Tears of the Kingdom lets players try out all of Link’s tools and play around with them. Players can do anything they want in Hyrule, from combining weapons to making machines.

In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, weapons are very important. You can find many different weapons while roaming Hyrule, and then you can make them even stronger by fusing them with nearby materials, resources, or even pieces of monsters.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, we’ve been wondering if the guns come back. We hope so, because guns in the game break and you have to find novel weapons or take one from an enemy you’ve beaten in fight.

We’re glad we did find the answer, because now we can enjoy Tears of the Kingdom even more.

But it seems like the world’s tools and weapons are limited, and even though there are hours and hours of gameplay, Link often runs out of tools and weapons to use on his journey because he is always making and fighting.

This makes me wonder if guns and other things can be found again within the Tears of the Kingdom.

How Long Do Weapons Take To Come Back?

Tears of the Kingdom has tools that come back after being used. If you take a weapon from a place and come back later, it will be there again, and you can take it again to add its power to your growing collection of weapons.

The Blood Moon has something to do with when weapons return. Within Tears of the Kingdom, the Blood Moon happens every few days, or every seven in-game days. This means that you must endure a week before you can get more guns you’ve found in the world.

At the exact same time, when a monster dies, the Blood Moon brings it back to life and puts it back into the game.

This also has the guns they were holding. You can now pick them up from the earth when you take themselves out, but you’ll have to find them again as they move around the world.

But it’s important to remember that chests don’t come back. If you find a weapon in a box, it won’t come back and you won’t be possible to retrieve it up again.

Since these are one-time items, don’t spend too much time looking for them. Instead, focus on the guns, bows, and shields you can find all over Hyrule Kingdom within Tears of the Kingdom.

Do Items In The Ultra-hand Come Back?

We have confirmation that Ultra-hand things do return within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This means that you will be able to use many of the Zonai structures or building materials you find all over, above, and below Hyrule again.

But you’ll need to fast travel or restart after dying before these things come back. This means that if you do a single of the above, you are able to rapidly alter how these things spawn.

The Zonai devices that you obtain from Zonai containers and that spawn from your collection are a big exception to this rule. These are one-time-use things that will disappear from the map after a certain distance has been travelled.

So, if you used certain building supplies to make a car, you don’t have to worry that you’ll never see them again because they will return right where you found them.

That’s all we have to say about whether or not Ultra-hand items come again in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You now know that any Zonai tools or building materials you discover within the world will come back after you travel quickly or come back to life after dying.

Making Your Game Easier, Try This:

Fans who desire to keep the rare things they find in chests may do so via easier-to-find guns.

For instance, if you only have low-stat weapons in your inventory and you find a rare weapon in a chest, you can leave it inside the chest and just mark the spot on your map where you found it. This makes it easy to get ready for a fight.


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