How To Find The Best Recipes And Golden Apples In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find The Best Recipes And Golden Apples In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The golden apple in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a special kind of fruit that heals more well-being and hearts compared to the red apple. But since the golden apple is extremely rare and hard to farm in tears of the kingdom, it’s worth using it in a good recipe.

Here, you can use any dish within the game that calls for apples or fruit in general. In general, the bonus benefit is stronger the harder the recipe is as well as the greater quantity of golden apples you use.

Here are some ways to cook with golden apples within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Adding a single Golden Apple to a meal will make it taste much better and give you a little more heart in whatever you’re cooking.

This is important Cooking, a secret part of Tears of the Kingdom. Usually, you have to cook at an exact moment as well as a specific manner to get the benefits of this, yet Golden Apples always promise a critical

Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom is full of materials and tools for Link to gather. Almost every one of them will assist him in some way on his trip, but food is the most important.

Even among foods, there are high-level things that can help Link cook to a fresh level, making him safe against any boss.

This guide tells you where to find as well as farm Golden Apples within TotK so that Link can get a buff with every meal and easily beat Ganondorf.

How Do Golden Apples Work?

Apples that are golden are just regular apples. Because they are so rare, they make great food ingredients. Link gets a total of two Hearts back instead of just half a Heart from an Apple.

You should not, however, make an error of consuming them raw. So you are able to the most out of them, you are interested in preparing them into tasty meals. They can change any food into a substance that heals a lot of Hearts.

Where The Golden Apple Is:

On any tree of apples within the Kingdom of Hyrule, you can find a golden apple. They are very hard to find and very rare. Check every apple tree you come across to see if it has a Golden Apple.

You should not miss out on them. They are most likely to be found near woods. The Lost Woods as well as the Korok Forest are close to the Minshi Forest.

There is a chance that any of the trees there are apple trees. You may additionally look at the many other forests and trees that are all over the land. The Sky Islands are a different location to look for such fruits.

On the ground, their golden color makes them easy to spot, but on the Sky Islands, it can make them hard to see. Pay close attention to the variety of apples that are growing upon the trees there.

Why Is The Golden Apple Important In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Even though they will heal more hearts compared to a regular apple, you will get more for your money if you cook them as a component of other foods.

If you use a single fungus of any kind along with a single Golden Apple within the same recipe, you’ll get a meal that heals more hearts than a similar dish made with a normal apple.

Because of this, you should think about putting them in the meals you make. This will help you heal more hearts while using less of each element.

Best Golden Apple Recipes:

Recipes Name Description
Baked Apple Place an Apple close to a fire, and it will start to cook. Leave it for a while, and eventually, it will turn into a Baked Apple. This is a great recipe to cook up in a punch when Link needs meals that will heal a good chunk of health but doesn’t have the supplies for larger meals or Elixirs.
Simmered Fruit Combine any two or three fruits in a cooking pot, and this is the meal Link will create. The effects of healing and other status impacts will change based on the fruit used. Link should cook this meal when he has a tough fight ahead and needs as many healing items as possible.
Copious Simmered Fruit This recipe requires any four fruits to be combined in a cooking pot. As with Simmered Fruit, the effects of the meal will change based on the fruit Link cooks. A good recipe to cook up when Link is at a Stable and has a decent supply of fruits.
Meat Skewer Link will make this meal using one fruit and one piece of meat. It heals many hearts and is a great meal to cook up in times of plenty when Link has a lot of meat in his pack, meaning that has a lot of life-giving items to fall back on in the future.
Fruit and Mushroom Mix One fruit and one mushroom will result in this meal being cooked. It’s a great way to use up the dregs of resources that Link has gathered in his travels, turning them into helpful resources for bosses or just long stretches of exploring and fighting enemies.

How To Grow A Golden Apple:

Golden Apples appear to be growing on apple trees all over Hyrule, but no one seems to know why. As you travel, you may not have found as many as you’d like. This happens because they are sometimes hard to find.

If you are unaware that they’re there, it can be hard to find them, so if you come across an apple tree, you should look it over carefully to see if there are any Golden Apples.

Either cut down the tree, walk up it, or use arrows to kill them. So, if you want to get a lot of Golden Apples, there are some locations you can go.

Sonapan Shrine:

On the eastern side of Satori Mountain, there is a small apple garden. In the eastern part of Hyrule Field, right outside of Sonapan Shrine, you can get to this group of trees.

When you leave the shrine, you ought to observe Golden Apples growing upon the trees right away.

After every Blood Moon, everything within the overworld, including materials and weapons you’ve already found lying around or in other places, will come back. You can get a total of 9 Golden Apples from this spot every time the moon goes around.

The Lost Woods:

You have to go underground to get to the Lost Woods to get to where the Koroks live. You may accomplish this by jumping through Minshi Woods Chasm, located a little southwest of the main entrance to the Lost Woods.

As soon as you approach the cave, head roughly northwest until you reach a big rock that you may utilize Ascend to pass through. When you get to the Lost Woods, it’s time to assist the Deku Tree get rid of the Gloom that is over the forest.

Be Careful This Whole Swamp Is Full Of Enemies:

This whole swamp is full of enemies, but you can get to the opposite side by following the little plant lights. There are two trees, and both of them only have Golden Apples on them.

Get the apples you need to make a total of six. Since it’s hard to get to where Koroks live without going far and deep within the Depths, you might do best to farm them in the first place we suggest away from Sonapan Shrine.


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