How To Unlock Different Outfits For Cammy In Street Fighter 6

How To Unlock Different Outfits For Cammy In Street Fighter 6?

The game came out on June 2, and it had a lot of new parts. The game is great, whether it’s because of the new characters or the two fresh game modes. World Tour is the most interesting of the fresh game modes in Street Fighter six.

Aside from that, every returning character from earlier games in the series has a different outfit choice in this one. The green leotard that Cammy wears as a backup outfit is one of the best of these Outfit 2 costumes.

All of the known characters in Street Fighter 6 have brand-new looks and clothes, but some people miss the old ones, especially Cammy White’s.

You can get her famous outfit from Super Street Fighter 2. The Latest Challengers if you are ready to work for it or pay some money.

In an article posted on the company’s PlayStation website, the people who made Street Fighter 6 talked about how Cammy’s outfit has changed.

Since Shadaloo has been beaten, she no more needs to be equipped for battle, so she is now wearing clothes that look like what people wear every day. This means that Cammy has cut her hair short, taken out her famous braids and is wearing trousers for the first time.

How To Get Cammy’s Different Outfits:

Street Fighter 6 lets people get Cammy’s old costume if they miss it. Cammy’s alternate outfit can be unlocked in two ways: by playing in the World Tour game or by paying for it.

This is also true for all of the other fighters within the game, except for the player’s Avatar within the Battle Hub as well as World Tour modes.

To get Cammy’s special outfit in Street Fighter 6, you have to play the entire World Tour mode as well as move through the story till you meet Cammy.

Then, you’ll be able to make her a Master and use her fighting method to create your Avatar. Switch to Cammy’s style and win a lot of battles to learn her special moves as well as how to connect with other characters.

You must additionally to give her presents in order to improve your Bond level. Because it can be hard to fill up the counter, you ought to save as many gifts as you can from tasks. Once Cammy’s Bond level is at its highest, you will be able to use her standard outfit.

Paying money is the fastest way to get access to Cammy’s standard outfit. If you buy Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Version or the full Ultimate Pass, all the original outfits will be unlocked right away.

You may additionally purchase 50 Fighter Coins, which are the game’s special currency and cost real money, to unlock each outfit.

In Street Fighter six, Cammy only has one different outfit, but that is expected to change soon.

Street Fighter 6 possesses a system called the “Battle Pass,” which lets players unlock a variety of cosmetics as well as clothes. Cammy will probably have a lot of different outfits to wear within the future.

How To Be Best Friends With Cammy White As Much As Possible:

To get Cammy White’s secondary outfit, you have to be best friends with her to the highest level. The first step, though, is to find out how she fights. Once you’ve done that, you can play her friendship tasks.

Also, if you use her fighting style within any way during the World Tour mode, you get points of experience that help level up the friendship level. If you keep doing the buddy tasks, you’ll finally get to the highest level.

There’s one more thing you can do to become better friends with her. In other words, by giving her a certain thing. In Street Fighter 6, each character has a single thing that they like and that makes them like you more.

And if you want to become friends with Cammy White, you may offer herself Jellied Eel. Once you’ve unlocked Outfit 2 for Cammy White, all you have to do is go to the character’s choice in the menu and choose it.

How To Use Fighter Coins To Get SF6 Costumes:

Using Fighter Coins is the quickest method to get Street Fighter 6’s alternate outfits. These cost real money. However, you can buy outfits for fifty Fighter Coins, and different colors cost the same. Here’s what that comes out to.

There are other ways to get outfits, though, if you don’t want to spend money. To get more outfits and styles on the World Tour, you’ll need to put in some work. Here’s what you should do:

  • 2,750 Fighter Coins $49.99
  • 1,250 Fighter Coins for $23.99
  • 610 Fighter Coins for $11.99
  • 250 Fighter Coins for $6.99

How To Get Costumes Within World Tour Mode:

World Tour serves as a single-player mode within Street Fighter 6 which is meant to teach you how the game works and what it’s about.

It’s been a big hit with players in general, and the FGC likes using this mode to train with their best fighters, who are called Masters.

To get costumes through the entire World Tour, you have to hit the highest Bond level over the Master whose outfit you want. The top level of Bond is 100.

You may get there by fighting alongside them in fights, learning from them, and offering them gifts you got from finishing mission goals.

As you might have guessed, this method will take some time. If you’d like a character’s unique outfit, you’ll have to spend an extensive amount of time practicing that character’s style.


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