All Locations Of Sunstone Fragments In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

All Locations Of Sunstone Fragments In Disney’s Dream-light Valley:

Disney Dream-light Valley is Disney’s take on open-world games, which have become very famous in the last ten years. Dream-light Valley is a huge world with a lot of different things to do. There constantly something to enjoy in this world.

The game brings back a lot of Disney and Pixar figures from their shows and movies from the past few decades. There are a lot of Disney figures in Disney Dreamland Valley. You will meet a lot of them, from Donald Duck to Wall-E.

During the game, you will speak to these people and help them with different tasks. Today, we’ll talk about where in Disney’s Dream-light Valley you can find Sunstone Fragments, which are part of a big task.

Mother Gothel is one of the characters of Disney Dream-light Valley that players may acquire as they play the game. When you open the Glade of Faith area, this bad guy will show up. She is in a tree’s house alongside dark magic around it.

Players will need to locate all of the Sunstone Fragments within Disney Dream-light Valley in order to finish Mother Gothal’s questline and get the Legendary Sunstone.

Depending on how friendly you are with them, you might also be able to start new tasks. When your friendship level is at its highest level, you can do quests that only that character can do.

One takes place when Mother Gothel’s amount of friendship goes up. If it’s high enough, she’ll give you the quest “The Sunstone Fragments” to do.

Where Can I Find The Pieces Of Sunshine?

Players will hide in the cave on Dazzle Beach after starting Mother Gothel’s questline. This is where the Orb of Power was first given to a player.

Players will need to put down lights in the same area to find the pieces of the Legendary Sunstone. The search for “The Sunstone Fragments” begins at this point.

First Sunstone Fragment:

On the Sunlit Plateau, you can find the first piece of the Sunstone. To start the quest, you have to have opened this area. For 7,000 dreams, it can be opened.

Once you’ve opened the Sunlit Plateau, you’ll have to wait till morning, which is believed to be among 5 AM and 11 AM. You can only find Sunstones at certain times of the week, so you’ll need to schedule your quests around that.

Go to the south of the Sunlit Plateau and search for the bend in the river between these times. When you get there, the Sunstone Fragment is going to be there.

Second Sunstone Fragment:

One of these Sunstone Fragments is in the Glade of Trust. It costs 5,000 Dream-light to get into the Glade of Trust. But you should already be able to get there, since you need to have opened this place to get to Mother Gothel.

This piece of Sunstone can be found in the center of the day. Most people think this happened between 11 a.m. as well as 5 p.m.

Go to the big tree in the northwest corner of the Glade of Trust. The Sunstone Fragment will be in the air next to the big tree.

Third Piece Of Sunstone:

The last piece of Sunstone can be found within the Forest of Valour. For 3,000 dreams, you can get into this area. It is thought that the Sunstone Fragment is only going to be available at night, between 10 p.m. as well as 5 p.m.

If you are exploring the Forest of Valour during night, go to the southeast portion of the area, to the right of where Anna’s old house was. The last piece of the Sunstone will float between two trees.

Everything you need to know regarding finding the Sunstone pieces is here. After you find any three of them, the following thing to do is to give them to Mother Gothel. Once she has them, the job is done. Players may continue on towards the next part of their questline at this point.

How To Put The Sunstone Pieces Back Together:

During its repair, players must bring the Watering Can to the area on which the Dusk Fragment was placed and give it water. In real time, this process may require up to 24 hours.

Fans can find out if the Fragment needs freshwater by looking for the red drip sign on the in-game map. The Gleaming Dusk Fragment was ready to be picked up and taken to Mother Gothel when the sign for it disappears from the map.

In Disney Dream-light Valley, the next step of the “Village Project Restoring the Sunstone” is to go to the Forgotten Lands and pick up Sun Meteorites that have fallen for the ground.

They will show up as odd spots of fire all over the area. After collecting five of these rocks, go back to Mother Gothel as well as show her the quest’s items.

What You Get Is You Complete All Goals?

To finish Mother Gothel’s Friendship Quest, go to a making bench within Disney Dream-light Valley and fix the Sunstone. Those who complete all the goals will get 1,230 Friendship XP with the bad guy from Tangled and the unique piece of furniture, Mother Gothel’s Standing Mirror.


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