How To Use Street Fighter 6’s Drive System

How To Use Street Fighter 6’s Drive System:

Looking for a Street Fighter six Drive Gauge System as well as measure guide? Here’s how it works as well as what it indicates for matches within the game. The sixth installment of Street Fighter is very amazing, and it changes a lot about the series as a whole.

But the new version of the Street Fighter 6 Drive Gauge System as well as measure is one of the biggest changes to the way the game is played. It rewards strategic play and balancing risk and return.

In Street Fighter 6, the V Gauge has been replaced by the Drive Gauge, which is additionally referred to as the Drive Meter. This is a new and better version of the V Gauge from Street Fighter 5.

With smart use of an extra yard system, players can make their strikes stronger. But if it isn’t learned quickly, it’s easy for other attackers to hurt it.

The Drive Gauge is affected by five moves: drive impact, speed, drive block, drive rush, as well as drive reverse. These moves either drain or fill the Drive Gauge.

All of these would be great for any Street Fighter 6 fighter in any game, but don’t let the timer run out completely. Doing so will put the fighter in a state called “burnout,” which makes them very weak.

Drive Gauge is a new feature in Street Fighter 6 that lets players use a Drive Impact within battle.

This move can be used both attacking and defensively, which opens up a lot of new techniques that will be important in the Street Fighter 6 competitive scene, so it’s important to learn how to use it.

How To Do A Drive And Impact?

If you use the Modern Type keys in Street Fighter 6, you can do a Drive Impact by pressing L1.

If you are using the Classic Type keys in Street Fighter 6, press Heavy Punch as well as Heavy Kick at the same time. On the Default options, these are R1 and R2. You can change the setup of these settings within the options menu, so be free to do so if you want to.

How Big Is The Drive?

The Drive Gauge takes the place of Street Fighter 5’s V Gauge, which served as more of a return feature.

The V Gauge began out empty and slowly filled up as fighters defended themselves or took damage. This made it very important to play defensively.

In Street Fighter 6, the Drive Gauge starts out full, and fighters can use it to their advantage by draining it with certain moves. With the Drive Gauge, there is also a lot more balance compared to the old V-gauge method.

With the Drive Gauge, players can punish bad security while remaining smart about how they defend themselves. For example, when you stop a hit, the Drive Gauge goes down, but if you correctly parry, it goes back up.

Also, even though Street Fighter 6 doesn’t have a Stun Bar anymore, fighters are still able to go into a shocked state.

This happens if the same fighter tries to block a Drive Strike which slams them into a wall while within the Burnout state after their Drive Gauge is totally empty. This will give the attacker the same effect as the stun state as well as leave them fully open to attack.

How To Apply A Drive Impact?

In Street Fighter 6, using a Drive Impact will take away one of your Drive Gauge bars, so don’t use it too often or you’ll quickly reach the Burnout state.

This means that the gameplay is a mix of risk and return, so you need to keep an eye on your Drive Gauge since you’ll be utilizing it for various purposes.

Drive Impact can be used as an attacking tool in more than one way. If it hits an enemy while they are in Neutral, this will hurt them and push them back. If they use a normal attack, and you use Drive Impact before it hits, it will stop the attack and hurt the enemy.

Be aware that Drive Impact can only take two hits before it breaks. If an enemy throws three hits before your Drive Impact hits, the first two will be blocked, but the third will get through and break the move.

If the enemy throws instead of attacking, Drive Impact is going to be broken. You have to throw throughout the initial few frames of the Drive Impact. If you wait too long, it will hit you, and you’ll have to take the hit. A Drive Impact can’t stop a Super Arts Move, either.

When an enemy blocks, a drive impact will force them back, but it won’t hurt them. If an enemy parries a drive impact, it’ll push them back just enough to hurt them.

If the opponent was next to a wall when you strike them with a Drive Impact, they’ll smash into the wall and fall to the ground.

This gives people a great way to punish players who are too defensive, making their opponent watch where they stand on the stage. In Street Fighter 6, the most effective manner to employ Drive Impact is to stop a rival’s Drive Impact.

If you use Drive Impact right after the enemy starts their move, you are going to suffer some damage that you can recover from, but they will also take damage and become weaker, letting you follow up with an attacking combo as well as do more damage.

Drive Impact is all about this time game, and it’s important to know when to use it and when not to.

How The Drive Gauge System In Street Fighter 6 Works:

Make An Impact:

Drive Impact was a strong attack that can block an attack from an opponent. It’s almost like a shield that helps you take a hit. Even if your opponent blocks this move, it will still cause a wall splat if your opponent occupies a corner. It costs one Drive Gauge Stock to use Drive Impact.

Drive Pitch:

Drive Parry lets you easily block an attack from an opponent, and if it works, it also gives you more Drive. If you block just before an opponent’s move hits you, you can do a Perfect block, which gives you an extra boost.

To make use of a Drive Parry, you need at least 50% of a Drive Gauge Stock. If the parry works, the same amount of Drive Gauge Stock is added back.


The third option for Drive Gauge is Overdrive. You can turn each of your special moves into an Overdrive Art by hitting two of the same type of button instead of just one.

These Overdrive Arts resemble EX moves from other games that have been powered up. It costs two Drive Gauge Stocks to execute this move, making it one of the more costly ones.

Drive Rush:

From a Drive Parry, Drive Rush is a strong, quick rush forward. It can be used as either a quick rush strike or a normal attack that can be stopped. It may assist you catch up to the other player.

Drive Rush costs one Drive Stock from a parry, but three Drive Gauge Stocks from a regular move that can be stopped.

Drive Reversal:

A Drive Reversal can be a very useful response that also stops the charge of an opponent. This doesn’t do much damage, but it can help you get out of a tight spot or when you’re under pressure.

It costs a pair Drive Gauge Stocks to do a Drive Reversal. The Drive Gauge System in Street Fighter 6 is a big change from what we had before. It’s a whole new way to handle meters.

Burnout can make it very hard to fight throughout a round, which is why you should do everything you can to avoid it and only use these moves when they will help you the most.

If you want to use this method to determine the right character for you, our Street Fighter 6 grade list shows where each character stands.


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