How To Raise Or Lower The Hylian Hood In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Raise Or Lower The Hylian Hood In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Hylian Hood is one of my best pieces of gear in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It makes Link look strange, like he’s sitting in a dark area of a pub.

The coolest thing about the Hylian Hood is that you are able to adjust it to change your style even more. But it’s not as easy as just pushing a button. The Hylian armor set from Tears of the Kingdom is a well-known outfit made up of the Hylian shirt, pants and hood.

It’s a favorite among fans, and any BotW fan can spot it right away. People probably remember that it covered Link’s face in the last game. But Tears of the Kingdom has a way to deal with this problem.

How To Get Lowering The Hylian Hood:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you have to do a few side tasks and go see Cece in Hateno Village to lower the Hylian Hood. But it’s important to remember that you can’t start the quest to change the hood until you’ve finished the needed tasks.

Start by buying the Hylian Hood for 70 rupees from the Armour Shop within Lookout Landing. Finish the six additional tasks after that:

  1. Team Cece or Team Reede?
  2. Cece’s Secret
  3. Reede’s Secret
  4. A Letter for Koyin
  5. A New Signature Food
  6. The Mayoral Election

Talk to Cece while wearing the Hylian Hood when you’re done with these tasks. She is going to offer to change the hood so that it can be pulled down.

Talking to her again will make the hood go back up. Without talking to Cece, you can’t change how the Hylian Hood looks, so you have to go back to Hateno Village to raise or lower it.

Where To Find The Hylian Hood:

The Hylian Hood can be bought at Lookout Landing. Find the shop owner who has the Hylian armor set for sale. The price of the Hylian Hood is 70 rupees. Once you’ve bought the Hylian Hood, you may put it on in your collection under the Armor tab.

Location Of Hateno Village:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Hateno Village is just one of many towns. It is east of East Necluda, on the southern side of Lanaryu, at 3336, -2230, and 0130. Within Tears of the Kingdom, this town has a lot of tasks and the Dye Shop.

How To Move The Hylian Hood Up And Down:

Once you’ve finished all of the side quests, go to Hateno Village and talk to Cece while wearing the Hylian Hood. She will offer to change the hood so it can be taken off. Link can now wear the Hylian Hood with the hood down. This gives players a new way to rock the classic look.

The change to the hood won’t last forever. If you’d rather have the hood up, you can go back to Cece within Hateno Village and ask her to change it back. This implies that players may choose between the two choices whenever they want, giving them the most dress options possible.


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