How To Finish The Quest To Become Mayor In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish The Quest To Become Mayor In Tears Of The Kingdom:

in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, many of the side quests you can go on are related to each other. They both have interesting personalities and seem to build up to a peak where all the plot threads that have been talked about so far come together.

Players of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom may see a few NPCs around Hyrule dressed in clothes with mushrooms on them.

If players follow the fashion trend to Hateno Village, they will find themselves in the middle of a clash between the ideas of the cool and trendy Cece and the quiet and traditional Reede.

For there to be balance to the town, players will have to do a lot of work, but the result is definitely worth the effort. One of these side stories takes place in Hateno Village and is about a fight between the town’s mayor, Reede, as well as Cece, a local designer.

Both of them have very different ideas about where Hateno Village should go. Link has to find solutions to these people’s problems for good, like the main character in a video game.

In Tears of the Kingdom, all the inhabitants of Hyrule work together to bring their world back into order. Even so, there will still be some political fights from time to time.

Hateno Village is a landmark within Zelda games, yet in Tears of the Kingdom, it got a new look when Cece, the owner of a new boutique, which is not a clothes store, moved in. She has a good sense of style, and the people in the neighborhood love it.

Unlike Mayor Reede, they are not too stuck within their old ways. When you get to Hateno Village, the Mayoral Election Mission will put you in the middle of a big political fight between Mayor Reede as well as Cece.

How To Begin The Election For Mayor:

The Mayoral Election was the last side quest in the election quest chain for Hateno Village. Before you can start this quest, you must do the following:

Team Cece Or Team Reede How To Finish:

To start this quest, talk to Cece for the first visit to the clothes store in Hateno Village. Cece requests that eight Hylian mushrooms be given to people in Hateno who don’t like Cece so that she can win their support in future votes for mayor.

Reede’s fans don’t wear mushroom hats or clothes, so it’s easy to spot them. Even though they don’t have a set home, you can find them around these places. Once you’ve given Cece all of the Hylian mushrooms, the quest is done.

Dantz Near the pasture
Tokk Near the Lab
Nack Working on the farms
Tamana Village entrance
Leop Village center
Uma Village center
Koyin Near the pasture
Worten Near the inn

What Cece Knew:

Players can start this quest by talking to Sophie outside the shop during the day. She will tell them that her sister has been going off at night. Sophie doesn’t think it’s anything bad.

But she asks Link to support her to keep the election from getting in the way. Gamers should wait until dark and then sneakily follow Cece to the barn on the other side of the main road.

After she seals herself in, players are able to climb up the silo wall as well as enter the crawl area above. There, fans can watch Cece enjoy eating veggies, which is something she feels bad about.

When Link tells Sophie the not-very-exciting news, she will breathe a sigh of relief and give him ten iron mushrooms.

Reede’s Secret:

Another election-related quest can be started by talking to Reede’s wife, Clavia. She is worried about how the fact that he sneaks off to the shed at night might affect the election. The only way into the shed is through the door, which is locked, so Link will have to be a bit more clever to get in.

By jumping down into any of the of the town’s wells, users can move through the small caves beneath the town until they are directly beneath the shed at around locations 3414, -2083, 0104.

Players should know that they might have to fight some enemies from Tales of the Kingdom along the way. Once the player is right below the shed, they can use “Ascend” to get in from below.

If you look at Reede’s notebook, which is on the table, you can see that he has been trying out a new kind of pumpkin inspired by drawings by Cece. Clavia will give Link ten Hylian tomatoes for his work, which makes her both angry and happy.

A Message For Koyin:

As players run around town delivering mushrooms for Cece, they will finally meet Koyin at the southern tip of Lake Sumac at 3634, -2048, and 0175. When she finally found a letter from her great-grandfather, she dropped it in the pond and didn’t know how to get it out.

From the beach, players can’t reach the bottle with Ultra-hand, so they should first build a raft out of the nearby trees or employ ice to make platforms within the water so they can get close enough.

After Koyin gave her the bottle back, she was excited to open it and find a recipe she had forgotten. Link is called to her house, where she makes Hateno Cheese from her great-grandfather’s recipe as a treat for helping her.

A New Dish To Remember:

After the fight with Cece, if the players talk to the current mayor, Reede, he will tell them how he wants to assist Hateno Village without Cece’s fancy new ways. He talks about a recipe that his grandfather worked on with a local cheesemaker, but he can’t remember the name of the recipe.

If players have already finished “A Letter to Koyin,” they should already have what he needs, since the cheese maker was Kuyin’s great-grandfather.

Reede can detect the cheese’s unique smell and ask Link to give it to him. He thinks that this novel food will help him win the election. He gives Link a silver rupee for the cheese, which will then be sold at the main shop in Hateno Village.

How To Finish The Mayor’s Race Quest:

When the player has finished all five of the above Zelda side quests, the experience log for “The Mayoral Election” is going to be updated with a new job. At this point, players can talk to Sophie to start the election if it is afternoon as well as the weather is clear.

The people of the town are all in one place listening to the two candidates make their claims. As the scene plays out, secrets come to light and everyone realizes that they all want what’s best for the town. This leads to an agreement between Cece as well as Reede that works for both of them.

After the noise has stopped, players can go back to Cece’s store as well as talk to the creator. She greets Link for everything as well as comes to the conclusion that he should be the model for her painting. The players will get the fancy Cece Hat, as well as their mission will finally be over.

From now on, players can go straight to Cece to buy back very rare clothes and gear that they may have sold or lost. Even though the hat doesn’t have many buffs, it remains very stylish and may get you some comments from NPCs in Hyrule who are into fashion.


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