How To Put Out Fires In Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Forgotten Lands

How To Put Out Fires In Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Forgotten Lands:

We’ve played Disney Dreamlight Valley for nearly six months now, but there are still a lot of things we don’t know about it. It’s normal; it’s nonetheless in Early Access, which means that more material will be added to it all the time.

They were one of those secrets until the game Remembering the Fires within the Forgotten Lands of Disney Dreamlight Valley came out in June. Now, at last, we understand how to get rid of them.

Since Disney Dreamlight Valley came out, players have been able to see the green lights all over the Forgotten Lands. With the fifth big update to Disney Dreamlight Valley, gamers are able to put out the fires and open the boxes that were in the middle of them.

But, just like alongside the other barriers that couldn’t be gotten rid of right away, players have to do some prep work before they are able to deal with the fires.

The popular life simulation game has gotten a new update. Here, we’ll show you how to put out flames in the Forgotten Lands within Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In the Remembering update, the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella’s story is introduced. At the same time, you are going to be able to put towards the green fires within the Forgotten Lands.

But to get this chance, you need to become closer to the Fairy Godmother as well as finish her quest called “Fire Alarm.”

To Finish The Fire Alarm Quest:

When she reaches Friendship Level 2 through The Fairy Godmother within Disney Dreamlight Valley, she worries about how the people there see her home, the Forgotten Lands.

Not surprisingly, the people who live in the valley don’t like the gloomy atmosphere, fierce green fire, as well as overwhelming darkness that cover the biome.

The Fairy Godmother agrees to help the player by putting a special spell into the Royal Watering Could to make the Forgotten Lands look better.

This spell will make the tool better for good, so it can put out the dangerous green fires in the valley. For people to make the Icy Enchantment, they need the following items.

  • 3 Tourmaline = You can mine within Frosted Heights as well as Sunlit Plateau to get 3 tourmaline.
  • 15 Snowball = You can get a snowball by breaking up ice blocks as well as digging within Frosted Heights.
  • 5 Dream Shards = You can remove Night Thorns as well as dig in any area to get these.
  • 5 Purple Impatiens = You can gather 5 Purple Impatiens in the Forgotten Lands.
  • 1 Vacant Vial = 3 Glass, which can be made at any making station.

Players can make the Icy Enchantment at any ice making table within Disney Dreamlight Valley once they have the things they need. Once made, players are told to employ the item from their collection.

This forever upgrades the Royal Watering Can, letting them put out green fire throughout the Forgotten Lands.

After getting the new Royal Watering Can, players should go to the Forgotten Lands to locate five spots of green fire for the subsequent part of the quest.

Use Watering To Water The Ground In Order To Put Out The Fires:

To put out the fires, they just need to make use of the watering can to water the ground, like they would a crop that has been sown. When the green fire is put out, Glass will fall and can be picked up.

Once the players have put out five fires, they need to go back to The Fairy Godmother. She agrees that putting out the fires has rendered the landscape less scary, but she is worried about how dark and dull it still is.

To fix this, she suggests adding furniture and walks to the environment as ways to improve it. Then, players have to put the following things anywhere they want within the Forgotten Lands.

  • 3 Seating
  • 4 Outdoor Lighting
  • 25 Paths

For this job, players can give her what she wants by using any item from these groups. After the things have been put where they belong, they should be given back to The Fairy Godmother. She will thank the player for helping to make the Forgotten Lands a better place.

The Fairy Godmother then says that she has a thing to demonstrate to the player and directs them to a nearby yard where something was growing. She is glad that the player put out the fires that were threatening the growth of this strange plant.

The Fairy Godmother Give You A Gift:

The Fairy Godmother doesn’t tell the player exactly what will grow, which makes them intrigued and eager to figure it out.

This is the end of the “Fire Alarm” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Royal Watering Can has now been forever upgraded to get rid of the green fire that inhabits the Forgotten Lands biome.


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