How To Keep The Beast From Killing The German Prisoner Within Amnesia The Bunker

How To Keep The Beast From Killing The German Prisoner Within Amnesia The Bunker:

The player is pretty much alone within the bunker alongside the monster for most of Amnesia The Bunker. But there are a few other people who are still alive down within the tunnels with Henri. One of them is a German POW who is being held in a jail cell in the jail area of the map.

The main goal of Amnesia: The Bunker is to make it through the terrible situation and get out of the underground building. But there are additionally some alternative goals that are linked to certain Achievements.

One of these Achievements is called “Life Preserver,” and it requires the player to get the Cutters thing while making sure the Prisoner who shared a cell with it stays alive after the item is taken.

For players to finish this, they need to be swift on their feet. In Amnesia The Bunker, this guide teaches players how to rescue the German prisoner to earn the Life Preserver Trophy and Achievement.

At first, it seems like the only method available to get the important thing is to accidentally kill the prisoner, but there’s another way.

This guide shows how to rescue a German prisoner and get the Life Preserver Trophy as well as Achievement. This gives players a reason to feel a little better regarding themselves as they try to survive the horrors on display.

How To Get The German Prisoner Out Of Jail:

This man was the only one who is still alive in the jail block. Players can either let the monster kill him or try to save him. Henri must continue to support this poor man living in Amnesia: The Bunker if he wants to get all of the achievements or prizes.

Where A German Prisoner Is:

In Amnesia: The Bunker, Henri must first use the dog tag locker code to open Delisle’s locker. Only then can he find the POW.

This gives players the backup valve they need to open the crank to get into maintenance, the jail block, and onto the officer’s bunks.

The dog tag is only in Delisle’s room, which is next to the lounge in the officer’s rooms hall.

Once that is done, players may unlock the prison’s door and go inside. The jail cells will be in the very rear of the prison building, and there are going to be total of eight of them.

The German will be within the third cell to Henri’s right when he comes into this area. He spends the majority of his time shouting in German, so it’s hard to ignore him.

Fans of this type of game know that noise is the enemy, but this guy just isn’t going to be quiet. So how may players help him?

How To Free A German Prisoner:

To save the German POW, players have to be careful as well as move quickly. First, use the wrench to open the Warden’s Office in the jail block.

Go within, unlock the door, collect one of the 16 valuable pictures in Amnesia: The Bunker, then get ready for opening the prisoner’s cell. These steps need to be done quickly, so make sure you’re ready.

Open the cell of the prisoner. When the monster shows up to get away from the screaming German prisoner, shoot it through the window of the Warden’s Office.

Get inside the cell to obtain the bolt cutters you need to complete Amnesia: The Bunker. Before the monster comes back, run back into the Warden’s Office and lock the cell door again.

Keep in mind that the animal will be very angry that he cannot dispose of the German, so he will keep coming following Henri if players save him.

How To Earn The Life Preserver Achievement:

Players will get the Life Preserver Trophy as well as Achievement if they save the life of the German soldier and The Beast doesn’t kill him after they get the bolt cutters.

If players are desperate to get it, they should set up everything to rescue the German prisoner, then go back to the Administration Room as well as save. This will let them try the process more than once if they fail, since Amnesia The Bunker doesn’t automatically save your progress.


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