In Tears Of The Kingdom, All Well Locations Are As Follows

In Tears Of The Kingdom, All Well Locations Are As Follows:

Due to the fact that the beginning of the Where Were the Wells secondary quest lies below, it is easy to overlook it. To be more specific, deep inside the confines of one of Hyrule’s numerous wells.

Find out how to finish the Where Are the Wells? task from Tears of the Kingdom if you’re ready to embark on a quest that involves looking for wells.

You’ll uncover dozens of wells scattered around Hyrule as you play through The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This is just one of the hundreds of different discoveries you may make in the game.

If you go underground in search of mushrooms, Bright Blooms, monsters, and various other items, you will be rewarded in a variety of ways, including at stables, in the area around Skyview Towers, and as part of certain tasks.

Fera is a one-of-a-kind character that is on a mission to locate every one of the 58 wells which are dispersed over the land of Hyrule. Because there are various places housing the wells, it might be difficult to track down each individual one.

Fortunately, we have been looking for them, and as a result, we have a list that contains all of the places they may be found. Here is all you need to know about navigating around The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in order to discover each and every area.

Where Can I Find Walkthroughs For The Wells?

You must speak with a non-player character named Fera in order to initiate the Where Are the Wells quest. It is possible to find her in a variety of wells, but she appears to have a particular fondness for those that are located in close proximity to stables. Take, for instance, the South Akkala Stable Well as well as the Wetland Stable Well; both of these locations house Fera.

Fera will tell you her preference for wet and gloomy settings after you have located her and have spoken to her.

You Have To Discover 58 Well In Order To Complete This Quest:

She will inform that there are fifty-eight wells scattered around Hyrule, and she is prepared to pay ten rupees for each site of a well that you discover. If you are successful in completing this optional quest, you will get 580 rupees as a prize. This means that you must locate each well.

To “discover” a well, all that is required is to approach it from a sufficient distance. It is not necessary to descend into the wells in order for them to contribute towards the total rather, it is sufficient that their locations display on your map.

You will need to go back to Fera and have another conversation with her in order to get rupees to use the wells that you have located up to this point.

You may discover all 58 well sites by using our interactive map for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and selecting all of the well locations as shown below. This will allow you to locate all of the wells.

All Location For Well:


Well Name Location Nearest Warp Point
Construction Site Well On the pathway West of Tarrey Town Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower
East Akkala Stable Outside the East Akkala Stable Jochi-iu Shrine
South Akkala Stable Outside the South Akkala Stable Mayachideg Shrine


Foothill Stable Well Outside Foothill Stable Kisinona Shrine
Shadow Hamlet Ruins Well Southeast of the Death Caldera, in the Shadow Hamlet Ruins Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower
Woodland Stable Well Outside Woodland Stable Ekochiu Shrine


Deya Village Ruins Well On the largest island in Deya Lake Susub Shrine
Deya Village Ruins East Well On a small island in the center of Deya Lake
Deya Village Ruins North Well On the Northmost island in Deya Lake
Deya Village Ruins South Well Southwest of Deya Lake, East of the Hills of Baumer Chasm Popla Hills Skyview Tower
Haran Lakefront Well To the North of Haran Lake Utsushok Shrine
Highland Stable Well Outside Highland Stable
Hills of Baumer Well Southwest of Deya Lake, to the West of the Hills of Baumer Chasm Popla Hills Skyview Tower
Lakeside Stable Well Outside Lakeside Stable Joju-u-u Shrine
Popla Foothills North Well In front of you when you warp to the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower Popla Hills Skyview Tower
Popla Foothills South Well Behind the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower when you warp to it
South Nabi Lake Well On the North side of South Nabi Lake Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower


Gerudo Canyon Well Outside Gerudo Canyon Stable Turakamik Shrine
Kara Kara Bazaar Well On the South side of the Oasis at the center of Kara Kara Bazaar Mayatat Shrine
Mount Nabooru Well South of Gerudo Canyon Pass, to the Southeast of Mount Nabooru Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower


Dronoc’s Pass Well Northwest of Rito Village along Lake Totori Rospro Pass Skyview Tower
Snowfield Stable Well Outside Snowfield Stable Orochium Shrine


Aquame Lake Well Along the path to the East of Aquame Lake Hyrule Field Skyview Tower
Bottomless Pond Well On the Southwest side of the Bottomless Pond Tajikats Shrine
Carok Bridge Well West of Hyrule Castle, on the East side of the river, South of the Hinox Ishodag Shrine
Elma Knolls Well South of Tenmaten Shrine going towards Tenmaten Shrine
Hyrule Castle Town Ruins Well In the Eastern section of the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins Kyononis Shrine
Lookout Landing Well In the Northeast corner of Lookout Landing, just past Robbie and Josha’s tent Lookout Landing Skyview Tower
Mabe Village Ruins Well Southeast of Lookout Landing within the Mabe Village Ruins Jiosin Shrine
Mount Daphnes Well South of the Sage Temple Ruins along the Regencia River Susuyai Shrine
Mount Gustaf Well Southeast from the nearby Carok Bridge Well Ishodag Shrine
Outskirt Hill Well By the ruins on the hill West of Outskirt Stable Tsutsu-Um Shrine
Outskirt Stable Well Outside Outskirt Stable
Rauru Settlement Ruins Well Along the West path that leads to the Woodland Stable, in Rauru Settlement Ruins Ekochiu Shrine
Rebonae Bridge Well Along the West side of Rebonae Bridge Ekochiu Shrine
Riverside Stable Well Outside Riverside Stable Tajikats Shrine
Woodland Stable Well Outside Woodland Stable Ekochiu Shrine
Hyrule Ridge And The Tabantha Frontier
Irch Plain Well In Irch Plain, Northwest of Hyrule Castle Tenmaten Shrine
Maritta Exchange Ruins Well North of the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower, in the Maritta Exchange ruins Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower
New Serenne Stable Well Outside New Serenne Stable Sinakawak Shrine
Rowan Plain Well East of the Forgotten Temple Kiuyoyou Shrine
Tabantha Bridge Stable Well Outside Tabantha Bridge Stable Makurukis Shrine
Tabantha Village Ruins Well East of Rito Village, in the Tabantha Village Ruins Oromuak Shrine

Lanayru Region

Goponga VIllage Ruins Well On Goponga Island in the Lanayru Wetlands Jonsau Shrine
Hateno Village East Well On the East side of Hateno Village, outside Zanmik Shrine
Hateno Village North Well On the North side of Hateno Village, outside of Cece’s Shop
Hateno Village South Well On the South side of Hateno Vilage, by Firly Pond
Hateno Village West Well On the West side of Hateno Village, outside the inn
Lanayru Wetlands Well The Western path that leads to the islands in the Wetlands Jonsau Shrine
Moor Garrison Ruins Well Northwest of Mercay Island in the Lanayru Wetlands
Tabahl Woods Well On the West side of the Zora River, Southwest of Zora’s Domain Upland Zorana Skyview Tower
Wetland Stable Well Outside Wetland Stable Tukarok Shrine
Wetland Stable South Well
Zauz Island Well On Zauz Island in the Lanayru Wetlands Jonsau Shrine
Zelda’s Secret Well At Zelda’s old house in Hateno Village Zanmik Shrine


Dueling Peaks Stable Well Outside Dueling Peaks Stable Eshos Shrine
Lurelin Village Well North of Lurelin Village, outside the inn Sifumim Shrine
Rikoka Hills Well North from Kakariko Village, West of Rikoka Hills Makasura Shrine
Kakariko Village Well South of Kakariko Village by


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