How To Make Coconut Boba Tea In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

How To Make Coconut Boba Tea In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley:

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a very interesting game that takes place within a beautiful valley where many well-known Disney characters live. To turn the valley back into the beautiful kingdom it once was, players can finish tasks, find lost items, as well as do other things.

You can make a lot of different drinks in Disney Dreamlight Valley, like tasty hot chocolate in the winter as well as sweet Boba Tea in the summer.

The game not only has Boba Tea, but it also has many different tastes of it. This adds to the range of drinks in DDV, and today we’ll talk about Mint, Gooseberry, as well as Coconut. This guide will show you how to make Coconut Boba Tea so that you can drink it on the beach.

Players are rewarded in Disney Dreamlight Valley with events like the Extravaganza and content changes like the Pride of the Valley, which add a lot of new recipes to the game.

But it can be hard to make all of them because each recipe calls for specific items that aren’t always easy to find in the various biomes of the valley.

How To Make Boba Tea With Coconut:

The recipe for Coconut Boba Tea, which is a three-star meal, calls for three things. The worth of a meal isn’t shown by how many stars it has, but by what it’s made of. Here is the full recipe for Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Coconut Boba Tea.

  • 1 x coconut.
  • 1 x milk.
  • 1 x sugarcane.

Where To Get The Ingredients:


Coconut was the most important part of the recipe for Coconut Boba Tea, but it remains behind an objective and can be hard to get.

To get coconuts, players have to make friends with Maui through traveling to the Moana realm and carrying out a few easy tasks to convince them to move to the valley.

Once he moves in, you may construct him a house as well as hit the second level of friendship. To gain friendship points, it would be a worthwhile endeavor to make him some of his favorite foods, like Aurora’s Cake. The “Burying the Eel” quest can be started once a player has hit level 2.

To complete the quest, you have to catch an eel and put it into the valley. Dreamers are going to able to get coconuts when a Coconut Tree grows after a while.


Milk costs 230 Star Coins and can be bought in the kitchen of Chez Remy’s restaurant. But new players who haven’t unlocked Remy yet will have to travel to the Dream Castle as well as finish his quests before they can bring him into the valley.


Go to Goofy’s Stall within Dazzle Beach to get sugar cane. Sugarcane can be bought fully grown for 29 Star Coins, as well as its seeds can be bought for 7 Star Coins and used to grow it.

When you have all three items, go to a place where you can cook. Players can use the cooking station in Chez Remy’s diner. If you would like to cook at home, go to Scrooge McDuck’s store and buy a cooking tool.

To make the Coconut Boba Tea recipe, put the items on the stove and utilize one piece of coal ash. Players can eat this treat to get back 1,653 kilojoules of energy.

You are able to sell the Coconut Boba Tea recipe for 406 Star Coins at any of Goofy’s shops. If you’re not going to eat this meal, you can give it to a friend to make that character like you more.

Give It To Other Players And Earn Some Friendship Points:

This is a 3-star meal that players may utilize for extra energy or give to people in the Valley to get more friendship points. You can also put these drinks on tables to make them look even cuter, particularly by the pool within the summer.


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