All Cliff’s Weaknesses In June 2023 And The Best Pokemon To Use Against Him In Pokemon Go

All Cliff’s Weaknesses In June 2023 And The Best Pokemon To Use Against Him In Pokemon Go:

In Pokemon Go, you can make a Rocket Radar by killing each of the six Team Go Rocket Grunts and taking their “Mysterious Components.” With this high-tech tool, you can face off against Cliff, Arlo, or Sierra, three of the most feared Team Go Rocket Leaders.

For the Team Rocket Takeover event in June 2023, Cliff is back. Like in past Team Rocket Takeover incidents, his team changed, giving him accessibility to more shadow Pokemon and giving people who beat him a chance to capture the first shadow Pokemon he uses against them.

If a player wants to face Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, they will have to beat Cliff at least once. This guide goes over all of Cliff’s Pokemon that he may utilize against you while playing Pokemon Go, how they can be beaten, and what their flaws are.

Before you take on the big guy, you’ll desire to understand which are the greatest Pokémon Go Cliff counters if you don’t have a huge collection.

Leader Cliff is a tough guy, and his team of Pokémon is just as strong and tough. To beat him, you need the right plan and the right Pokemon to back it up.

Read on to find out how to put together a team that can beat Cliff’s. Cliff changes his team a little bit for each new Rocket-focused event, just like the other Team Go Rocket Leaders. Still, some of his best counters are going to endure for years because a few of their Pokemon stick around.

How To Get Rid Of Cliff:

Cliff is still one of the hardest tasks within Pokemon Go, as well as his Shadow Pokemon team will be coming at you full force in July 2023. Cliff’s team changed after the Team Go Rocket takeover in June, as shown below.

  • Aerodactyl won the first battle.
  • Slowking, Gallade, as well as Cradily fought in the second battle.
  • Tyranitar, Mamoswine, as well as Dusknoir fought in the third battle.

To beat Cliff, you’ll need to make sure you have Pokemon that are able to defend and attack with different types.

The First Pokemon Cliff Got:

Cliff’s first Pokémon in fight will be Aerodactyl, which is a Flying and Rock type. I recommend getting an Electric, Ice, Rock, Steel, as well as Water-type Pokemon to beat it.

A Rock-type or Steel-type Pokemon might work best in this fight, and they should be able to handle any of Aerodactyl’s moves in the first round.

The Second Pokemon Of Cliff:

In Pokemon Go, Clfif can use Gallade, Cradily, as well as Slowking as its second Pokemon. Gallade is a Fighting-type and a Psychic-type Pokemon. Fairy, Flying, as well as Ghost-type techniques hurt it the most.

The next Pokemon is Cradily, which is made up of Rock and Grass. Bug, Fighting, Ice, as well as Steel moves hurt it the most. Slowking, a Water as well as Psychic-type Pokemon, is the last Pokemon you could use against you. It is weak to Bug, Dark, Electric, Ghost, as well as Grass-type moves.

Given these choices, I think it might be best to get ready for using a Pokemon that has Ghost-type moves, since Gallade as well as Slowking aren’t immune to those kinds of strikes. However, Cradily changes things and makes it harder to identify a good choice.

In this fight in Pokemon Go, you could use Pokemon such as Volcarona, Conkeldurr, Metagross, Breloom, Gengar, as well as Chandelure.

The Third Pokemon Of Cliff:

In Pokemon Go, the last Pokemon that Cliff might use against you is either Tyranitar, Dusknoir, or Mamoswine. Tyranitar is a Dark and Rock type Pokemon that can’t handle moves that are Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, or Water.

Dusknoir is a Ghost-type Pokémon that is weak to Dark as well as Ghost-type moves. Mamoswine is a Pokemon with Ice and Ground types that is weak to moves that use Fighting, Fire, Grass, Steel, or Water.

Only Mamoswine as well as Tyranitar have the same number of weaknesses as the other choices. Dusknoir, on the other hand, has just two weaknesses: Ghost as well as Dark-type weapons.

Given these choices, I believe that Chandelure represents one of the best Pokemon to utilize here because it may employ Ghost as well as Fire-type moves as well as can take out Dusknoir as well as Mamoswine, yet it will have trouble with Tyranitar.

Pokemon Go players could also use Lucario, Conkeldurr, Buzzwole, Blaziken, Gallade, as well as Pangoro. You might be able to catch a shadow Aerodactyl after you beat Cliff. There’s a chance it’s a shiny version of Aerodactyl, yet it’s not a given that you’ll find one.

Cliff’s Aerodactyl How To Fight It:

Aerodactyl is both a Rock-type and a Flying-type Pokémon. This means that Rock, Water, Steel, Electric, as well as Ice-type techniques are weak against it. You should also think about the fact that Aerodactyl can resist moves that are Ground, Flying, Normal, Fire, Bug, as well as Poison.

Aerodactyl shouldn’t be too hard to beat if you stick to type-effective moves, so we suggest choosing Pokémon with Electric as well as Water-type moves.

The fight plan is, of course, up to you. Many players like making quick starts to spam fast-charging Moves as well as leave Cliff with no shields promptly during a fight.

  • Thunder Shock as well as Wild Charge are moves used by Raikou.
  • With Charge Beam as well as Zap Cannon, Magnezone. With Bullet Punch as well as Meteor Mash, Metagross.
  • Tyranitar uses Smackdown and Stone Edge, and Lucario uses Counter and Power-Up Punch.


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