How To Fix The Llama Beard Error In Sea Of Thieves

How To Fix The Llama Beard Error In Sea Of Thieves:

Most of the time, it’s easy to set sail in Sea of Thieves, but there’s a lot of mistake messages that may pop up and stop you from following your group to steal and pillage.

In keeping with how silly the game is, these mistakes usually come with strange titles that include the word “beard.” One of these warning messages, called “Llamabeard,” can be especially annoying because it usually comes with an unclear explanation of what went wrong.

Errors are common in games these days. Even more so for games such as Sea of Thieves that are always online. Developers like to give error codes unique names so that players can quickly search for answers. This helps them figure out what’s wrong and find a solution.

If you’re playing Sea of Thieves and you see the Llamabeard problem message, don’t worry. Here is every detail you have to know regarding the Llamabeard problem and how to fix it in Sea of Thieves.

When Sea of Thieves services are briefly down, the Llamabeard mistake shows up. Coralbeard and Obsidianbeard are two other error numbers that can show up when Sea of Thieves was down.

When these mistakes happen, most of the time the only thing people can do is wait. The Sea of Thieves service almost never works right. If that wasn’t the case, it would indicate a whole different problem code.

What Is The Llama Beard In Sea Of Thieves?

According to the official Sea of Thieves help page, the Llamabeard error number appears when there is a difference between the Steam account you bought Sea of Thieves with and the Steam account you are currently logged into.

This can happen if you log out of Steam and try to start Sea of Thieves from a desktop window. When you get the Llamabeard mistake within Sea of Thieves, the first thing you should do is see if the services are down.

Rare will sometimes shut down the servers to install changes or fix problems with how well they work. Since it’s an online game, all you are able to do when the computers go down is wait.

But the problem may have nothing to do with you. This mistake could be caused by the Sea of Thieves computers not being ready to verify your Steam account.

This happens often when the Steam servers have down or when the Xbox services can’t link to Steam because of a problem.

See The Server Status Of Steam:

From what I’ve seen, this usually happens when the Steam servers are down, particularly after 6 p.m. EST on Tuesdays. The server will be up and running again soon, and this is a fairly regular problem.

If you’re receiving the Llamabeard error message as well as the servers continue to boot up, make sure you are logged in to the Steam account you used to buy Sea of Thieves and start the game again.

Tyr Logout And Then Login:

If you continue to receive an error after verifying your Steam account, players have said that logging out and starting Steam again fixed the problem for them. After making sure their own link works, players may visit the Game Status Page to determine if the servers are up.

If they don’t, Rare generally tells fans what’s going on and when they’ll be back. So, while you’re waiting for the computers to come again, why not peruse a piece or two upon hitechwiki? We have a lot of information about Sea of Thieves, as well as information about all of your best games.


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