How To Make And Use Pet Items In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

How To Make And Use Pet Items In Disney’s Dream light Valley:

Disney Dream light Valley is showing more love to our furry animal friends by letting us take pictures with them and giving us new things just for them.

With these things, your pets can play with balls, go into their own pet house, as well as do other things. Let’s glance at how to make various items for your pets to play with and how to get them to play with their fresh toys.

New Items Added For Animal Companion In Latest Update:

In the Pride of the Valley update, Disney Dream light Valley adds things that can be used as animal companions. With these Animal Companion Items, you can do more with your animal friends and show off more than one animal at once.

You can make these things at the making stand. This page will tell you how to make each of the Animal Companion Items, what supplies you’ll need, and more.

Companions have been a part of Disney Dreamlight Valley for a long time. They make sure that everyone can have a cute friend with them wherever they go.

You Can Now Take 4 Companion’s With You:

Since the update in April 2023, though, up to four friends can also hang out in a companion’s house as well as play with certain interactive things.

How To Make Things For Pets:

As always, each thing has a different recipe from the others. Don’t worry, almost everything you need to make these pets can be found in different biomes or bought from one of Goofy’s shops. There are five various engaging things for pets that you can make.

Pet Item Material Needed
Cozy Companion Home 15 Softwood
5 Sunflower
1 Topaz
5 White & Red Hydrangea
Flying Companion Feeder 5 Clay
5 Softwood
2 Red Bell Flower
5 Wheat
Fuzzy Friend Companion Dish 5 Clay
2 Red Bell Flower
5 Wheat
Pixar Companion Ball 5 Blue Hydrangea
3 Red Bell Flower
5 Yellow Daisy
Playful Companion Pinwheel 5 Fiber
5 Pink Hydrangea
5 Softwood

How Items That Go Together Work:

Before your friends can play with their interactive things, you’ll need to make and put down the Cozy Companion Home.

Then, talk to it and choose a maximum of four of your friends to live there. After you do that, they will walk all over and enjoy their freshly constructed room.

You can put all of the interesting things you make near the Cosy Partner Home, as well as your friends will sometimes stop by and play with them.

The Fuzzy Friend Companion Dish is where the ground companions eat when they’re hungry, while the Flying Companion Feeder is where the flying companions eat.

You can’t do much else with them right now, but having a place where you can watch your best friends have fun is still cute.

How To Use Related Materials:

Now once you understand how to make each thing, let’s talk about how you can utilize them. In fact, it’s very easy. When you’re in the “Decorate” menu, you can put the things in any biome area or near your house.

The only thing you need to do first is make the Cozy Companion Home. If you don’t, your pets won’t be able to use the things. When you walk up to the house after putting it out, you’ll be told to use all the other things.


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