In Vampire Survivors Tides Of Foscari, Here’s How To Get Eleanor Uzinor

In Vampire Survivors Tides Of Foscari, Here’s How To Get Eleanor Uzinor:

Tales of Foscari, the first DLC for Vampire Survivors, adds a lot of new characters that you can unlock to obtain good at. Eleanor Uzinor is the easiest to get and is the most important.

This wizard acts as the DLC’s cover character, so you should go to the new map to search for her before you do anything else. This guide tells you how to open Eleanor Uzinor so you don’t spend too much time getting things, travelling, as well as dying to dangerous faeries.

Vampire Survivors Was Made By:

The video game Vampire Survivors was made by Luca Galante. It is a shoot-em-up game. It’s a simple game with rogue-lite elements in which you move thousands of night animals as well as try to stay alive until dawn.

If you want to know how to get Eleanor Uziron in Vampire Survivor: Tides of the Foscari, we’ve got you covered.

How To Get Access To Eleanor Uzinor:

To get into Eleanor Uzinor, you have to find her tomb. It’s pretty easy to find because Lake Foscari is in the top left area of the new map.

You’re in the correct place if you keep going in that way until you reach a small town. The grave is guarded by a circle of dangerous mushrooms. Before you can open the box and get to Eleanor Uzinor, you have to kill all of these enemies.

How To Find The Grave Of Eleanor Uzinor:

To get the Milky Way Map to give yourself an edge when looking for new characters, you have to do a lot of work. So, we’ve made a list of the steps we need to take to find Eleanor Uzinor’s tomb.

Kill The Small Enemies And Get New Tools:

First, begin a new run on the map of Lake Foscari. You’ll start getting attacked by smaller enemies, so walk near this initial region for a while, levelling up and getting new tools so you’re safe enough to move up the map.

The next step is to go upward and towards the left. If you do this, you’ll run into a dense group of trees you can’t get through. Move to the left of the trees and continue going up instead.

Push past every enemy you come across, and don’t stop until you’ve spotted the river. Strangely, your enemies are able to walk across the blue sea, but you can’t.

Lure Opponents Away To Make Your Way Clear:

Once the stream is above you, move to the right until the land bends up again. If you follow it, you’ll end up at a bridge. This place is hard to get through to but you can make it easier if you lure opponents away from the bridge. When you have room, walk across the bridge and back up the hill.

Now You Reached At Mushroom And Dirt Area

The next area you’ll go to has mushrooms and dirt. Here, big enemies will attack you, so go in a circle and kill a few to gain experience and get access to more weapons. This is an excellent place to get ready for the fight ahead, so take advantage of it and level up 10 or so times.

Next, move the map again up, and you should be in the village I just stated. You can find Eleanor Uzinor’s coffin by going to the left.

When You Are Close, A Group Of Enemies With A Lot Of Health Moves Towards You: 

As quickly as you get close to it, a group of enemies with a lot of health will pop out of it. Before you are able to unlock the box and get the new character, you have killed all of them.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to stay put and do as much damage as you can before enemies from other parts of the map show up. You can fly a kite around the circle as well as slow down some of them.

Then, move around the whole town in a circle several times to give yourself room and make sure you deal as much harm as possible to the circle of enemies without getting trapped. You’ll have the ability to open the box to finish this nightmare at some point.


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