How To Make Every Storage Chest In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

How To Make Every Storage Chest In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley:

Everyone who plays Disney Dreamlight Valley seems to have the same problem: they don’t have enough space in their collection.

The game’s creators noticed that a lot of players were making “chest rooms” with a dozen boxes all over the floor that held their most important items and supplies.

Players would take pictures of their “storage rooms” and publish them on social media. This gave the makers the idea to make storage boxes of different sizes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley makes it much easier for those of us who like to save things. Since the game first came out, players have only been able to add small boxes to their homes as storage.

The house comes with one box at first, which gets bigger as you improve the house. However, you are going to require more storage space.

The game Disney Dreamlight Valley was full of fun. Its main goal is to maintain the people interested and having fun. This is how fan service should be done.

In the game, you can get a lot of things. So plenty that you are going to get more room at some point. So, today we’ll talk about how to get a bigger chest as well as additional space in Disney Dream light Valley.

All Of The Storage Chests From Disney’s Dream light Valley;

In the game, there is more than one size of chest, and there are also many different colors. This means that no issue which chest you choose, it will match your house.

This will make the player’s storage rooms better. Each chest needs a slightly different item to open it. Some only need different-colored flowers for a special-colored chest, while bigger chests require Dream light for the additional cupboard room it gives.

How To Make Boxes:

Because Disney Dream light Valley was recently updated, you now have more choices for storage boxes. Before, only small chests with 16 slots were available, so players filled their homes with many chests for keeping making materials and items for cooking.

There are three different sizes of these new chests: small, medium, and big. Each of these boxes gives you 16, 32, or 48 spots. If you like to save things, these projects are great for you.

There are times when you don’t need a big chest, but most of the time you need more room than a small chest will provide you.

Why Do You Want To Have More Chest?

One of the most important parts of the game is following rules. The player goes off to discover and gather items, which they can then use to cook any of the meals in the game. If you want to store more things, you will require more space.

Besides supplies and food, the player can store a lot of other things in their collection. When your collection is full, you can either put the things in a box or storage, or you can just drop them.

In a game such as this, you have to have a place to store things. The majority of the time, it’s either free or can be made better. You can improve it within Disney Dream light Valley, which every player should do as soon as they can.

The Amount Of Slots You Get Depends On The Level Of The Chest:

  1. Small Chest has 16 spaces.
  2. Medium Chest has 32 spaces.
  3. Large Chest has 48 spaces.

How To Craft Every Chest In Game:

Chest Name Recipe
Small Chest 25 softwood, 25 stone
Medium Chest 25, softwood, 5 iron ingot
Small White Chest 25 softwood, 25 stone, 6 White Daisy
Medium White Chest 25 softwood, 5 iron ingot, 6 White Daisy, 1000 Dreamlight
Small Yellow Chest 25 softwood, 25 stone, 6 Dandelion
Small Blue Chest 25 softwood, 25 stone, 6 Blue falling Penstemon
Medium Blue Chest 25 softwood, 5 iron ingot, 3 blue star lily, 1000 Dreamlight
Small Green Chest 25 softwood, 25 stone, 5 green rising penstemon
Medium Green Chest 25 softwood, 5 iron ingot, 5 green rising penstemon
Small Red Chest 25 softwood, 25 stone, 10 red falling penstemon

You Can Now Add Items Using Smart Transfer:

As part of the latest update, you now have more ways to use boxes. You can now “smart transfer” your chests in order to make it even easier to put things in them.

Now You May Alter The Look Of Outside Of Any Chest:

You can also now sort each chest by name, type, and price in either Dream light or Star Coins. presently, all we require is to be able to change the style on the outside of each drawer so it fits in with the rest of our furniture.

How To Make A House Bigger To Get More Spaces:

As we stated quickly before, improving your home within the game can give you a lot more room. This is great because now you can put even more boxes in your house as well as store even more things. It’s easier than it sounds to make changes to your home.

Also, all you need to do is move forward in the quest line for Scrooge McDuck. Go ahead and help him with his goal until he requests you to help him with Goofy. Go return to Scrooge McDuck when you’re done helping Goofy.

He is going to provide the player a different quest, that’s just to go to your house as well as use the lift to make it bigger. Like the majority of items within Disney Dream light Valley, the house extension becomes available as the game goes on.

By adding on to the house, you may acquire an improved chest that can hold more things.

Like in other games, adding on to different parts of the house costs money. If you want to add more space, it is going to cost you 1000 gold each time. We do think you ought to improve your house whenever it’s possible, since it will give you a lot more room and storage.

The standard boxes within Disney Dream light Valley can’t be upgraded right now. Since it is a live-service game, it will only be an issue of time before the makers add the choice.


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