How To Locate The Dead Drop At Vondel University In The Call Of Duty World At War 2.0 DMZ

How To Locate The Dead Drop At Vondel University In The Call Of Duty World At War 2.0 DMZ:

Players were treated to something new and exciting with the release of the fourth season of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, which included a wealth of engaging new content for the game.

Notably, the spotlight was directed on Vondel, a brand-new terrain that was created just for the Resurgence as well as DMZ game types.

Players that were excited about the game dove headfirst into the town of Vondel, studying its many aspects and welcoming it with open arms. The map received favorable comments and brought a variety of interesting elements into the DMZ mode.

A new season in DMZ also brings lots of new challenges, factions, as well as missions to do in order to get yourself some treasure for your next raid, and in order to complete a Black Mous quest called Icebreaker, you must drop off a letter of introduction to a dead drop that is located nearby the University area in Vondel.

In addition, DMZ has been updated with a plethora of new key that can be used to open rare places and treasure caches. This ensures that there will always be fascinating discoveries for players to make.

Vondel also features the reappearance of dead drops. The Phalanx dead drop at the University is particularly noteworthy due to the significance it has for the “Icebreaker” operation. The Black Mous faction’s “Icebreaker” objective is considered to be of the Tier 2 difficulty level.

It presents players with the difficulty of retrieving the Letter of Introduction as well as a tracking device from the dead drop located in the Vondel Zoo and then delivering those materials to the dead drop located in the Phalanx at the University.

Location Of The Dead Drop At Vondel University:

Once you have successfully retrieved the letter of introduction as well as tracker from the Vondel Zoo which also has its own dead drop, the location of the University dead drop is quite easy to locate, and you will have no trouble entering it once you have done so.

Once you have these two things, go to the top of the map where the University as well as City Hall are. As soon as you have collected these two objects, you should make your way to the very top of the map, where the University as well as City Hall are located.

The Dead Drop Is Located In A Dumpster:

You can discover the site of the dead drop in a dumpster very near to the University itself, throughout the street from the University on the east side of the street adjacent to a gas station. This is despite the fact that there are a lot of AI fighters in the surrounding locations.

It should be positioned between the two structures in this area as well as should be somewhat isolated from opposition, unless a few players conduct a pit stop to refuel their cars while they are hunting out the new Bullfrog boss. It ought to be situated between those two buildings within this sector.

Personally, I would attempt to combine the last element of this goal with another, such as the tier two Black Mous objective called Close Quarters, since all you need to do to complete it is obtain entrance to a Stronghold and remove all of the AI that are contained inside it.

You should be able to spot an active stronghold located across the street to the south, and you should be able to rapidly knock it out before sprinting to the exit that is directly next to the Market.

Your Opponents Will Able To Pinpoint Your Location O n Their Tac-maps:

If one of the two UAV towers on the map is busted, you’ll need to make a hasty retreat since your opponents will likely be able to pinpoint your position on their tac-maps. The map has two UAV towers that may be triggered by both your side and the opponents.

Additionally, there is a purchase station at the institution, which may come in handy in the event that you need to restock on some ammunition and supplies before proceeding to an exfil as well as another assignment.


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