Instructions On How To Defeat Icebreaker In Call Of Duty WZ 2.0 DMZ

Instructions On How To Defeat Icebreaker In Call Of Duty WZ 2.0 DMZ:

The fourth season of Call of Duty Warzone 2 contains a large number of new features, one of which is a new map known as Vondel that has received much praise. This addition has been warmly welcomed by the community, which has also complimented the game’s fascinating design and gameplay.

Along with the addition of the map, a whole new set of objectives have also been included. These tasks provide players additional opportunities to earn enticing prizes and important experience points.

The Warzone two experience has been vastly improved as a result of these upgrades, which has generated widespread excitement among the committed audience.

Within Call of Duty Warzone 2.0’s DMZ map, the Icebreaker mission associated with the Black Mous function will provide you with a set of goals that need to be completed. We are fortunate because all that is required is to find two dead drops, each of which may be found in a different area.

Additional Specifics Regarding The Icebreaker Operation:

The Icebreaker DMZ task is an unique level 2 Black Mous functionality goal that will be available in Warzone 2 during Season 4. The missions have been reset at the beginning of a new Season, which means that there are fresh new objectives for each group to accomplish within the DMZ.

During the Icebreaker assignment, you will be tasked with retrieving a tracker and a letter of introduction from the Zoo dead drop located on the Vondel map.

You will then deliver these items to the Phalanx dead drop located close to the University. Does it seem puzzling? Here is how the Icebreaker DMZ task in Warzone 2 may be completed successfully.

How To Complete Icebreaker:

Gather the papers and router that are left behind at the Zoo POI dead drop.
Place the things in the University’s secure drop box, which is located in Vondel.

You will need to play within the Vondel area for this assignment. This is a fresh new map that was included in Warzone Two Season four, which provides a unique experience upon a map that has a lot of similarities to Verdansk.

And now, as a result of the reset of DMZ missions, the majority of the newly introduced goals, such as the Black Mous’ Icebreaker, are taking place in this region.

You will only need to travel between two different sites on the map of Vondel in order to complete this Tier 2 task. The first thing that you have to do was go to the area that was mentioned before. Once you’ve arrived, you should search for a dumpster, which will lead you to a dead end.

After you have pressed the interaction button that is located nearby, you may then put the things that are contained inside it into your backpack. The letter of introduction as well as a tracker have been included in this dead drop.

Now Travel To The University In Order To perform Next Step:

The next step requires you to travel to the area shown above in order to locate the dead drop for the Phalanx. This site is in reality a distance distant from the one in Vondel that is described as being the University location.

Nevertheless, this is the dead drop location in the university that you should be searching for. You will need access to these dead drops in order to complete the subsequent DMZ tasks, so having this information will come in useful.

Now Put The Stuff Within The Dead Drop And Your Task Will Be Over:

Now, after you’ve arrived at your destination, just place the stuff in the designated dead drop, and the task will be finished. In contrast to the majority of previous DMZ objectives, the Icebreaker task in Season 4 does not need you to make your way out of the zone.

After you have spawned on the area, the only thing you need to do is look for a vehicle, since this particular mission doesn’t involve any combat of any kind.

In addition, after you have placed the things in the Phalanx safe deposit box located close to the University part, you are free to move on to the completion of your other assignments.


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