How To Get All The Endings In Amnesia The Bunker And What They Are

How To Get All The Endings In Amnesia The Bunker And What They Are:

How does the story of Amnesia Bunker end? Even the nightmares that Frictional Games loves to make up for horror fans have to end at some point.

Amnesia The Bunker is the same, but you might be interested in what will happen to the main character, Henri Clément.

Well, we’ve talked about all the ends of Amnesia: The Bunker right here on PCGamesN, including what you need to do to see them. There are, of course, surprises on the way.

In Amnesia, there is only one goal: The Bunker: To get out of the bunker, you have to blow up the door.

But different things you do can lead to different ends, including one that connects the game to the rest of the series.

Amnesia The Bunker possesses more than one ending, just like the other games in the series. But, compared to some of the additional books in the series, the ends are pretty similar.

There are only two real ends, with a third that is kind of like a third. All three of these ends are pretty much the same, but most players will want to view all three before they feel like their time alongside the game is up.

To witness all three ends in Amnesia, players will have to pick up where they left off after blowing up the front door.

First Ending:

Within Amnesia The Bunker, players have to get out of the last room within the Roman Tunnels with out killing The Beast to receive to the conclusion where The Beast lives.

Players can only do this if they stack boxes at the other end of the area, where The Beast initially comes out, and use them for a step to jump over the stone wall and get to the exit.

Players will be chased by the Beast while doing this, so they will have to shoot at it and use the bridges to catch it to slow it downward. The monster will stop for 10 seconds when the player uses the Rabbit Toy, giving players an ideal opportunity to leave.

Players will see something close to the other ending if they leave the cave while The Beast continues to be living. But when Henri looks backward at the bunker, The Beast will burst out, roar, and run away.

Then, German forces will start coming closer, showing that Henri might have gotten out of the hole, yet the monster that was after him remains very much on the loose. He additionally has little chance of getting away from the German troops who are coming.

Second Ending:

Within Amnesia The Bunker, players must eliminate the monster that has been following them in the last part of the Roman Tunnels to get to the Kill the Beast ending.

For this, they must shoot the thing or break one of the bridges made of wood that stands on it and make it fall off.

Then, when The Beast has died from falling, the wall at the final point of the room will fall apart, giving them a way out.

When players leave the bunker, the main character, Henri, will roll down a hill and land in a mud and blood pool. He will look back towards the door, but there’s nothing there. Then there will be cheering, and German troops are coming from the right.

The game stops there, which means that Henri got out of the bunker but was either caught by German forces or killed by them. It’s a sobering reminder of how terrible war can be, and it makes you wonder if Henri would be happier staying within the bunker.

Third Ending:

To get to the third ending, you have to lead the Beast onto one of the wooden walkways hanging over the pit to destroy it, making the Beast fall to its death.

You can blow up these bridges with your pistol or a rocket, but you’ve got to move quickly. The Beast is quick and nimble, and it can jump away from you if you try to kill it too slowly.

To make tasks easier, you can use the rabbit toy you can find in the hole that leads to the caves to confuse the Beast. Throw it on the span as well as await for the Beast to get this up before you blow up the bridge.

The Beast is going to tumble to its death, which will cause an earthquake that will break down the wall blocking the way out. It also lets you get the ‘Beast Master’ title.

Henri can stumble to get out of the cave now that the Beast is dead, but the end of this final cutscene is the same, except that the Beast doesn’t run away across the French countryside.

Is There A Link Between Amnesia The Bunker And The Remaining Amnesia Games?

We think that Amnesia The Bunker has a connection to the other games in the series and to the story as a whole. At the moment of writing, this hasn’t been officially proven, but one of the game’s endings seems to show an unambiguous connection to a place named “The Other World.”

It’s a world in which the horrible things from previous Amnesia games have come to life or been affected by them.

Henri sees an illumination that sounds like it’s taking him there when he jumps off the bridges within the last part of the Roman Tunnels. However, players are never able a glimpse of The Other World.

Fans have noticed that the last place in the Roman Tunnels appears to be it’s combined with the Other World.

Stone pieces can be seen floating around the area, and the pools of water in the hole are filled with a strange blue liquid. The end part of the game has a machine that looks a lot like ones found in additional Amnesia games.

It could be the final product of something that the bad guys were attempting to build for the whole series.

We think that the finished machine is what changed a soldier through The Beast as well as explains the reason why numerous soldiers have intense dreams of a place that looks a lot such as The Other World. Notes can be found throughout the bunker that tell about these things.


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