Star Wars Jedi How To Grab Yellow Balloons

Star Wars Jedi How To Grab Yellow Balloons:

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is all about exploring and going down different roads. During the game, you’ll spend your time looking for various collections. It all comes lower to going through every area and being curious regarding where things might be hidden.

Because of how the world of Jedi Survivor is set up, you will sometimes find things on your journey that you are unable to utilize with the skills you’ve already unlocked.

We’ll tell you how to utilize the yellow balloons inside Star Wars Jedi Survivor, since you may have seen them. You can find these things everywhere, and you can use them to find new ways through the game’s many worlds.

The yellow balloons could be something that’s getting in your way. These show up all over Jedi: Survivor, but you can’t do anything with them until a certain point inside the game. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, here’s what you require to understand about how to use grapple yellow balloons.

How To Utilize The Ascension Cable With Yellow Balloons:

In Jedi: Survivor, you can’t use the yellow rockets until you improve your Ascension Cable. The Ascension Cable was a way to get around that you get as you play through the beginning of the game on Coruscant. One will be on the ground for BD-1 to find, and Cal can use it to grab onto rocks.

The yellow balloons do show up more often as you move through the game, but you can’t do anything with them until you get the update. In Jedi: Survivor, you can get the update when Cal and Bode move through the Mountain Observatory on Koboh on their way to kill Dagan.

The main story shows this in Chapter 5. Before you get to this point, you won’t see the Ascension Cable update. You can’t find this improvement in a Jedi: Survivor chest, at your shop, or on the skill tree.

After you get the improved Ascension Cable, the yellow floats will work like normal shelves. You can aim where you send Cal, though, if you hold down the Ascension Cable button on your controller, mouse, or computer.

This is an excellent method to get ready for the following balloon while rendering moving through the air easy. This gives you access to more places to check out in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

What Do The Orange Balloons Do As They Move Around?

To use the orange balloons that move around in Jedi Survivor, you’ll need to gain a special skill, just like you do with the green laser walls and blue electric fuses. To get right to the point, you need to open the grappling hook before you are able to leap onto the orange balloons.

For those who don’t know, the grappling hook will be unlocked by playing the game. But because this skill isn’t unlocked until around 10–12 hours into the primary narrative, some players may be curious about what the yellow balloons do.

In short, the grappling hook serves as a must-unlock item that you can’t skip. Once you have the grappling hook, all you have to do is press L2 on the PS5 or LT on the Xbox to hook onto a yellow balloon. This will let you get to parts of the game you couldn’t get to before.


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