How To Get The Required Room In Hogwarts Legacy, The Golden Snitch Chest

How To Get The Required Room In Hogwarts Legacy, The Golden Snitch Chest:

In the Harry Potter books, the Room of Requirement is one of the best places because it can turn into almost any place. The Room of Requirements is like a home base for your character in Hogwarts Legacy.

Professor Weasley will lead you there, and when you get there, you’ll be able to open several boxes, including one that a Golden Snitch will lead you to.

You will only have one chance to get these, so get them while you can. Here’s how to get all of the boxes in Hogwarts Legacy’s The Room of Requirements Quest.

Within Hogwarts Legacy, the mission known as The Room of Requirements takes place almost completely in the room it’s named for, which is a secret place inside Hogwarts Castle.

Shortly after Professor Weasley and you walk into the room together, she will become sidetracked by some old stuff she finds and recommend that you investigate the Room of Requirement on yourself.

Soon after you pass through an area with paper lanterns, a golden snitch is going to fly by. It’s so small and moves so quickly that you could have forgotten about it, but your protagonist will see it and ask, “What was that?” Is that a golden snitch?”

In the world of Harry Potter, the Golden Snitch represents one of the most wanted things because it is a sign of success and wealth. Quidditch isn’t in Hogwarts Legacy, but it’s still a lot of fun.

The bauble with wings also has another use: it leads you to another sort of wealth. Follow it to find out how to obtain the Golden Snitch box from the Room of Requirements in Hogwarts Legacy.

How Does The Golden Snitch Work?

As part of the quest with the same name, the Golden Snitch will show up in the Room of Requirements. Your character will think that it went by so fast that they aren’t sure if it was even there, so take that as a sign to go after that shiny ball of gold.

The Golden Snitch has a simple goal: to teach you that casting certain charms at the right moment can show you treasure you hadn’t seen before.

In this situation, Accio is going to be your best friend. After a short run, you’ll find a box near a moving picture that looks kind of sassy. First, use Accio on the right-hand trunk to get into the next room. Once you’re in the next room, face the chest and use Accio once again to get it towards you.

It remains on the opposite side of those wooden planks, but it is going to be close enough that you can open it and take the odd piece of equipment inside.

How To Open Every Chest:

As you go through this quest, you can choose between two boxes. The Room of Requirement is going to alter in a way that can’t be undone, and you won’t be able to get these boxes back once you’re done.

First Box:

Shortly after you leave Professor Weasley in the version of the Room of Requirements that is in a storage closet, you and Evanesco will find another stack of chairs that you need to move. A little farther down the road from these stairs, on your left, you’ll see a pile of boxes with one that you can move.

Cast Accio on the trunk to pull it out a little, then climb on top of it and jump on top of the bigger pile of trunks. The chest is going to be near the top. Then, you can use the slide to your right to get back down to the path.

Second Chest [ Golden Snitch Chest ]:

Follow the way until you get to a flying harp and a second stack of chairs. When you’re done with Evanesco, your character will recognise a golden snitch, and a nearby picture will make a joke about it. It will fly in the direction of another puzzle.

Here, you need to use Accio to pull on the tree on your right that is marked. Go through the hole it makes and then look to your left. Pull the trunk towards the broken piece of wood in the middle of you. Then go back to where you noticed the snitch and leave.

You should now be able to see, through some broken wood to the left of the initial trunk you pulled, a trunk with a chest on top. You can get the chest by using Accio to pull the trunk as well as the chest towards you and then interacting with them.

Are You Able To Catch The Golden Snitch?

The golden snitch is impossible to get. Its real function is to show where some hard-to-get Hogwarts Legacy items are. The snitch moves into the region ahead of the player and hangs over a chest, yet players can’t walk there. They can get to the chest, though, if they use some spells.


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