How To Get A Breeding Pen In Hogwarts Legacy For Spellcraft

How To Get A B reeding Pen In Hogwarts Legacy For Spellcraft”

Once you have successfully captured a male and female magical beast of the same breed, you can use a breeding pen in one of your vivariums to make them have a baby.

You can make a baby beast by getting two beasts to mate. This is similar to how you mix items at a potion station to make a potion. Like many of your tasks in the Room of Requirement, the effects don’t come right away. The breeding process can take up to 30 minutes to finish.

In Hogwarts Legacy, once you’re done waiting, you can go to the Breeding Pen within your Vivarium to add a brand-new baby beast to the animal family.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can add the Breeding Pen as a useful tool to your Room of Requirements. This pen is where baby mounts are born and where they can be cared for.

The breeding pen isn’t available early in the game, which is too bad because it’s very useful once you can get to it. Here’s what you need to understand about getting and using a Breeding Pen Spellcraft within Hogwarts Legacy.

You will need to get a breeding pen for one of the Hogwarts Legacy quests. Which may be used to make more magical creatures like the ones you see in the wizarding world. As the game lets you have babies and sell them, you can do both.

When you’re low on gold, this spellcraft will definitely come in handy. If you’re already looking for it but aren’t having any luck, we’ve got you covered.

This guide will show you where you can easily locate and purchase a breeding pen. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

How To Open The Breeding Pen’s Door:

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can use the Vivarium right away, but you won’t be able to make use of the Breeding Pen until a long way into the game. Before you can go to the Breeding Pen, you need to talk to Deek and finish his third side search, Foal of the Dead.

This will be a lesson for the Breeding Pen. You will have to use a Nab-Sack to catch a pair of Thestrals and then go to the Tomes as well as Scrolls shop within Hogsmeade to get the necessary spellcraft.

Once you order the spellcraft, you are able to return back to Deek and put your breeding pen inside the vivarium.

Keep In Mind:

In theory, you can put as many breeding pens as you want in your vivarium. Theoretically, there is only room for about four. Each breeding pen may accommodate up to 12 different kinds of animals. To set up a mating pen, you need 15 moonstones.

Where In Hogwarts Legacy To Buy The Breeding Pen Spellcraft:

You can buy the Breeding Pen from the Tomes as well as Scrolls dealer. This place can be found in Hogsmeade. You can buy a lot of different Hogwarts Legacy spellcraft from the seller, but for Deek’s quest, you only need to buy the Breeding Pen.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Hogwarts Legacy Breeding Pen won’t show up until you finish the Foal of the Dead task. When you begin working on this quest and it becomes available, the Breeding Pen will show up at the Tomes as well as Scrolls dealer.

Using The Breeding Pen:

To use the breeding pen, walk up to it after placing it and press the Square button on the PlayStation, the A button on the Xbox, or the F button, depending on whether you operate on a PC or computer.

You can now see all the magical creatures you saved with your Nab-Sack. Choose the type of beast you want to breed. For example, in the pictures above, we are able to observe a Thestral being put in the breeding pen while playing the Foal of the Dead main quest lesson.

Once you’ve put a male as well as a female magical beast in the breeding pen, you’ll be able to choose which kind of magical beast you want to have a baby of.

We hope that you will save a lot of rare magical beast species now that you are able to set up a breeding pen as well as breed your beasts within Hogwarts Legacy. Let us know in the comments if we missed any tips, or tell us about your best beast species.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Here’s How To Catch As Well As Breed Thestrals:

Another consideration that you need to think about is how to get the Thestrals you need to breed in the pen. You should use the spell Arresto Momentum to slow them down to make simpler to capture them.

Once you have the male as well as female Thestrals and the Hogwarts Legacy Breeding Pen, take them back to the Room of Requirement to lay them out for Deek.

He will explain everything to you. When this quest is done, The Room of Requirement can hold more beasts, making it even more important for players to deal with.


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