What Is The Boarded-Up Door In Hogsmeade In Hogwarts Legacy?

What Is The Boarded-Up Door In Hogsmeade In Hogwarts Legacy?

You might be wondering what this strangely closed shop in Hogsmeade is. Well, you might be able to go and check it out for yourself.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Hogsmeade was the ideal location to buy things, but it also has a lot of surprises that are just ready to be found. You may have seen the boarded-up shop and thought what it meant.

This closed shop may not seem like much to Xbox or desktop users, but it’s a unique chance for PlayStation users. It might also be a single of the scariest tasks you can go on.

Keep Exploring Keep Finding Secrets:

As you discover the vast areas of the mountains in Hogwarts Legacy, you can find all kinds of secrets. One of the secrets has to do with a door in Hogsmeade that has been closed off.

This house is not a good place to live because it is closed up, old and dusty. This building could be used to your advantage, but only when you are playing on the right system.

Along the way, you’ll make friends, learn different skills, tame magical beasts, as well as finish the tests that Merlin set up at Hogwarts. These tests have benefits that you don’t want to miss.

Players have spent hours discovering the wonderful wizarding world and have come across a locked door in Hogsmeade. Many of them don’t know what it is or how to open it.

Can You Go Inside The Closed-Up Shop?

The boarded-up shop in Hogsmeade is part of a quest called “The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop,” which is only available on PlayStation. This means that only people with a PlayStation are going to be able to go inside.

Talk to the house elf standing outside to start this quest. The main part of this task is buying your own shop from Madame Mason. But things aren’t always what they seem at this shop. You might find cursed hallways or possessed dolls, among other scary things.

Why Is A Door In Hogsmeade Blocked?

If you have visited Hogsmeade within Hogwarts Legacy, you are likely familiar with the boarded-up building that is gathering dust. This building is near the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame rapids point in the southeast part of Hogsmeade.

Unfortunately, only people who have bought the game on PS4 or PS5 can get to this area. PC and Xbox players won’t be able to get to this part of the game.

How To Get To The Boarded Door In Hogsmeade:

It takes some time to get through the locked door. When you’ve finished the third try, a house elf named Penny will be standing in front of the shop.

Talking to her will start a quest called “Minding Your Own Business,” which is only available on PlayStation. During this mission, you will have to buy a shop and then get rid of the ghost that lives there. One of the longest tasks in Hogwarts Legacy is “Minding Your Own Business.”

When the quest is done, you’ll have a private shop that Penny will run. You can visit your shop and market the gear you get for more than you could get at any of the other places.

Will The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Come To Xbox And PC?

The official quest video for PlayStation says that this quest will only be available on PlayStation until February 10, 2024. This means that it may become available on other devices after this date.

Even though there are not a lot of good reasons to think this will happen, we’ll make sure our information is up to date when we hear more about it. For now, players can find a lot of alternate quests and secrets all over the world.


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