How To Get The Depths Armor And Dark Armor Sets In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Get The Depths Armor And Dark Armor Sets In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Story of Link In the expanded chapter of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom, Link goes deep into The Depths, a dark valley full of scary monsters and deadly fog.

In maintaining with this dark theme, the underground of Hyrule is where you can find the Dark Link armor as well as the Depths armor. These are two of the most scary-looking sets of armor in the game.

Each piece of the Dark armor package only gives you three extra shields, which is the same as other sets. Also, this set can’t be improved with the help of Great Fairies, so you probably won’t want to wear it around Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom puts player freedom and discovery above all else, giving some of the best things to those who take the time to find new places in Hyrule.

The Dark As Well As Depths Armor Are Very Rare Armor In Game:

Some of the most wanted things are the Dark as well as Depths armor sets, which are known for how rare they are. Getting these sets is very tough, and many people in the community have trouble getting them.

The Sky Islands are bright and beautiful, while the Depths are a dark, disturbing area full of life-sucking chaos. But you can only find a few of the greatest loot as well as most interesting bits of story by going deep into Hyrule.

The Tears of the Kingdom’s Depth Armor Set is both a piece of story and a piece of loot. To get this worn-out but useful set of weapons, players must find all seven statues of bargainers. Find all seven statues to get the full Depths set. Each figure has its own store with different pieces of gear.

How To Obtain The Depths Armor:

To get both the depth of armor as well as the dark armor, players have to go to all seven of the statues of the bargainers. Inside the Depths, there are six figures. The seventh, which is much smaller, is at Lookout Landing, located south of Hyrule Castle.

Strangely, the statues of bargainers don’t have a set number of items in each place. Instead, when additional bargainer statues are found, they offer different pieces of armor from both sets. Here is when and how much each component of The Depths gear can be bought.

Tunic of the Depths Third Statue for 150 Poes
Gaiters of the Depths Fifth Statue for 200 Poes
Hood of the Depths Seventh Statue for 300 Poes

Once you’ve found all seven statues, you can buy the Depths Armor from the figure of a bargainer in Lookout Landing.

The Depths protection keeps players safe from the effects of Gloom, which can kill them. Each piece gives the player hearts that protect them from the gloom and keep coming back as long as they stay outside the gloom. With Deep Fireflies, players can improve the Depths set at Great Fairy Fountains.

Getting The Dark Armor:

The same thing happens when you unlock the Dark gear set as when you unlock The Depths gear. Players will have to find each statue of a bargainer to get the next piece of the set, which they will have to buy from the figure with Poes.

Dark Tunic Second Statue for 150 Poes
Dark Trousers Fourth Statue for 200 Poes
Dark Hood Sixth Statue for 300 Poes

The Dark Armor can’t be improved, but when the three pieces are worn at night, it gives players a speed boost.


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