How To Find The Mysterious Eight In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find The Mysterious Eight In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Gerudo area of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is full of secrets and strange objects that lead Link on some of the most interesting quests in the game.

When first seen, the area has been covered by a huge sandstorm that makes it hard to see as well as adds to the mystery of the place.

When Tears of the Kingdom’s tale is done, the storm will be gone, and Link will be able to finish the Seven Heroines quest line. The Seven Heroines is a Gerudo legend that almost everyone in the tribe respects.

Tears of the Kingdom likes to send players on quest hunts where they don’t get much help. Because there are now three maps of Hyrule, it will be hard to locate every last item while trying to finish several side tasks.

The Mysterious Eight takes place in Gerudo Town and is a sequel to The Heroines’ Secret. It is a quest to find out who a famous Gerudo hero is. Still, you have to look for orbs all over the Gerudo Desert to finish this quest.

After you finish the Heroine’s Secret Side Quest, you can get The Mysterious Eighth in the basement of Gerudo Town.

You’ll have to find seven metal discs, one for each of the old goddesses, as part of the quest. When you do, you’ll find out a secret regarding the eighth goddess.

How To Start The Unknown Eighth:

Once The Heroine’s Secret is over, Link can start The Mysterious Eighth. At the end of The Heroines Secret, Rotana, the Gerudo who had been Link’s main contact, will lead him to a room with seven figures of heroines.

The Mysterious Eighth will start when you talk to her in that room. Link will get the small orb discovered at Rotana’s feet in The Heroines’ Secret. She will tell him that the departed soul of each heroine resides in seven orbs that can be found all over the Gerudo area.

Link recognises that the image on the ball matches the symbol on among of the figures. Link can use Ultrahand to put the orb in the statue’s arms, where it is clearly intended to stay. Now that Link has this one orb, he needs to locate six more.

The other four orbs can be obtained in Gerudo Town as well as Kara Kara Bazaar. The shelter has a further two of the orbs.

Place Of The Second Orb:

The second ball is in the safe and can be taken to the figure room right away, even before the storm was over. Go to the part of town that serves as a hotel to find this ball.

From the main room of the shelter with a fire pit, go through the western door, which has colourful clothes hung along its top edge. This will lead Link into the room with the doors to the jail on the right, the cantina within the middle, as well as the inn on the left. Keep going left and go into the inn.

Once Link is inside, he may turn to the right as well as see two bedrooms with a small room above them in the wall. Use Ascend to get into the small room, which has a lot of different things in it. rock salt, gem, and ball 2. Look at the sign on the ball and take it to the statue that matches it.

Place Of The Third Orb:

You can’t get Orb 3 back until the sand storm finishes. To do this, you need to go into the cantina next to the inn. If Link had been within here before the storm passed,

He would see a Gerudo woman sitting against a ball. Link attempted to take it from her, but she didn’t take it well. Now, no one is in the cantina, so Link can take the orb without being stopped.

This marks the three orbs that can be found inside the building. Link must now go outside to seek out the rest of them, though most of these individuals are still inside Gerudo Town’s walls.

Where Is The Fourth Orb?

First, the bad news Link will have to go to Kara Kara Bazaar in order to find this orb. After “Riju of Gerudo Town” is done, you should go to the market. Link will see two of them stood in front of the shop gazing out at the desert. On the ground between them, you can see the ball.

They tell Link that Ponthos, the person who owns the orb, is lost within the desert. The “Lost in the Dunes” mission will start when you talk to Benja.

Benja tells Link that everyone decided that if anyone got lost within the desert, they would all meet at the biggest building. But he is worried that all the sinkholes around Ponthos could be a real threat. Last, he says Link that the last time he saw Ponthos, he was going west.

Link can see a big wreck with a small blaze next to it if he walks west from Benja. Link is going to discover a pit alongside a spear as well as shield stuck in it when he looks at it more closely. Check the map up top to see where it is exactly -3370, -2669, 0031.

Link will be able to see Ponthos right away if he lets the pit pull him down. To leave the area, follow the river back to where it started and break through a series of rock walls.

Keep going until you get to the ladder that goes out of the Kara Kara Bazaar Well. Ponthos will leave the area automatically and tell Link to come back later for a prize. This is the ball, of course.

Place Of The Fifth Orb:

Inside the walls of Gerudo Town, on the tiny ledge following to the Sand Seal Pen, is the fifth ball. Link can enter the town from the main entrance located on the northeast side.

He just needs to turn left and head for the tiny flight of stairs to the left of the pen. The ball may be seen resting on the ledge as he gets closer.

Place Of The Sixth Orb:

The next ball is very close to the fifth one. Link shouldn’t turn left when he comes into town through the primary gate. Instead, he ought to head right.

If it’s night, he’ll see the ball sitting in the corner, but if he tries to take it, he’ll be told that one of the young girls within town, Dalia, needs it. Link will see Dalia stood at the orb, ready to start a task, if he goes back to the orb or walks through the primary entrance during the day.

Link will hear from Dalia that she will give him the ball if he challenges her. If you accept the dare, you’ll get a small side quest called “Dalia’s Game.” Link has to find a toy sand seal before time runs out if he wants to win.

Go to the room with the painting and the training dummies to find it. Link will find the doll within a small hole in the wall if he turns hard right. Head back higher up to where the ball was left and pick it up from the same spot. Take it back to Rotana as well as the figures.

Place Of The Seventh Orb:

The last ball is on the tops of the rocks separating the walls and houses in town. It is about in the middle of the southeast-facing part of the wall.

See the map picture for the exact coordinates -3801, -2966, 0057. The ball is buried under a big pile of sand, therefore be sure to bring something that can make wind.

By joining an air conditioner to a shield, Link can make a perfect wind gust that he can manage via the L1 button. Bring the ball back to the figures when the sand is gone. Rotana will notice that something should happen when all seven orbs are in the figures’ hands.

How To Get Into The Hidden Room:

Once Link puts the seven orbs within the right place, the floor will open up to show a secret room. Link will come across what looks like a big ball and a small computer.

Link reads the tablet in the room and learns that to get his prize, he needs to go to the North Gerudo ruins as well as the Gerudo Sanctuary. It warns him that the key will be in the big ball. Rotana requests Link to take the huge ball, and the two of them will figure out what’s going on together.

Use Ultrahand to pick up the big ball, and then go outside. Link can see that the task icon is at his location if he looks at the map while “The Mysterious Eighth” is on. The North Gerudo Ruins aren’t too far away, so Link can walk the orb with no problem.

Link will face light resistance as he moves through the ruins in the shape of electric Chu-Chus as well as Lizalfos. They won’t do much to stop him, especially if the Sages are with him.

Put The Big Orb Inside The Hole And Open The Door:

Link will find a hole that goes to the Gerudo Sanctuary when he gets to the task point. Link can see where the orb will go when he looks down the hole. When Link puts the ball down, a big gate opens, letting him into a long cave.

At the conclusion of the cave, where the stone plates are, Link will come across another hole. Drop to the lower level by moving the plates. Link will find a long cave path that goes past a gate he can’t open yet. Follow the road until Link runs into a single Gibdo.

Utilize Elemental Weapons To Kill Gibdo:

Use elemental weapons or arrows to kill the gibdo, then drop through another hole within the room right next to it. At first, the room will look like it’s empty, but if Link looks up, he’ll see a way through. To get to the door, use Ascend.

Link is going to discover a small room with 3 stone plates when he goes through the door. The ultra-hand can be used to move each plate. Slide the cracked plate to the left while maintaining going.

Keep In Mind That When You Step On Certain Block Then It Will Fell Down While Crossing The Bridge:

Link will soon run into a rock that can be broken. Tear that down to show a big stone bridge. When crossing the bridge, be very careful because it has blocks that fall when you step on them. Link may get across as well as go through the door that the finish if he moves quickly.

Now, the place will start to look more like an old temple. Follow the way until Link gets to the room with the Statue of the The 8th Heroine.

The Room With The Statue Of The Eighth Heroine:

In the last room, the riddle of the Eighth Heroine is both solved and made more complicated. The tablet at the room’s door says that a huge sand beast used to cause trouble in Gerudo lands long ago.

A mystery hero showed himself and told them to work as a team to fight. This plan worked, and even though they were very thankful to the hero, they couldn’t let him into Gerudo Town because it was against the law. This room was their way of thanking this hero, whose name they don’t know.

The room has a gold coin, a ruby, a sapphire, a topaz, as well as one of each Gerudo weapon as well as shield. The mythical items from Breath of the Wild are not in the room, though. To finish the quest and get a silver coin, go back to Rotana within Gerudo Town.


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