How To Get Link’s Tunic And Awakening Mask In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Get Link’s Tunic And Awakening Mask In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Tears of the Kingdom Awakening Set from The Legend of Zelda could be one of the coolest things in the game. That’s since it changes your clothes into something that looks like it came from Link’s Awakening. Within Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom, here’s how to get the full Awakening Set.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Awakening Armor is a strange piece of gear. It not only completely changes Link’s art style, but it also has something to do with a bizarre bandit who used to explore Hyrule, hide wealth, and leave puzzles for others to solve within the future.

If you’re looking for Link’s Awakening set of weapons within Tears of the Kingdom, you don’t have to look any further. Many of the clothing sets in TotK are throwbacks to earlier Zelda games, but Link’s Awakening mask and shirt give this outfit a goofy, mascot-like vibe.

You Have To Solve Two Side Quest Obtain Link’s Awakening Mask As Well As Shirt:

But getting the crossover clothes from Tears of the Kingdom as well as Link’s Awakening isn’t as simple as finding a chest. Instead, players have to answer two different problems in the northwestern part of Hyrule before they can get their prize.

If you want to pay tribute to an older Zelda game within Tears of the Kingdom, this tutorial will show you how to solve the problems that Misko left behind so that you can make Link look like a happy, big-headed cartoon.

It’s a long process, as there are a few tough battles along your way, so make sure you’re ready ahead of time with lots of food and maybe some upgrades to your gear.

Link’s Awakening Mask How To Get It:

Go to the Thundra Plateau within Hyrule Ridge to get the Mask of Awakening. Here, there are four towers, one for each of the four cardinal directions.

On the hill, there are additionally five trees. As shown below, players will need to cut four of these down before employing Ultra-hand to stick them all together end-to-end. Use these individuals for scaling up the rock in the south.

Keep In Mind That This Quest Is Time Based:

As this serves as a time-based game, the next step must be done at noon. The fifth tree can be cut down and used as fuel to jump to the time they want.

When the clock hits 12, players will have to use Ultra-hand again to move the logs. This time, to make a shade over the northern pillar, they will have to stand straight up and face it.

This will create a hole within the middle of each of the four poles. A movie will tell the players where to go. Inside, there is a box with the Mask of Awakening in it.

Link’s Awakening Tunic Here’s How To Get It:

The Tunic of Awakening isn’t as hard to figure out, but it still took some work. To start, players have to go to the Tabanatha Frontier and find the Ancient Columns. Unlocking the Skyview Tower in this area will help you see every aspect of the region better.

Once you’ve reached the highest point of the mountain as well as dodged the Gleeok, you’ll have to find the rock with a button on top.

In the map, you can see which column has the button, which you can press by standing on it. This will open a door that players may jump through to get to a chest with the Tunic of Awakening inside.

Place Trousers Of Awakening:

Lastly, go to the big Coliseum Ruins on the southwest edge of Hyrule Field to get the pants that will finish off your outfit. Here, you need to get to the bottom floor while escaping the Gleeok and head straight for both of the soldier figures at the rear of the area.

The soldier on the left has a sword, but the one on the right doesn’t have one. Get it from right next to him, then hold it in the direction of him using your Ultra-hand so that the point is down. If you understand what we mean, a way to your pants will now be open.

Piece Of Awakening Armor For The Chest:

The place “where Rayne, Piper, as well as Tanagar meet” is on the west side of the map. More specifically, the Rayne Highlands as well as Piper Ridge are over Tanagar Canyon. Go to the highest point of the hill at the coordinates of -3484, 0426, 0278.

You’ll have to contend with a Flame Gleeok if you come from the west along the hill. Like other fights with Gleeoks, this one is hard. Use techniques based on water. Hit its head with spill fruit or Chuchu Jelly arrows, and when it’s stunned, attack it.

You can also escape this fight if you’ve got the strength to climb up the sheer wall on the other side of the hill. Climb up the rock on the ridge’s southwest side. There’s a green button on top. If you step on it, a movie will start and the ground will open nearby.

The Tunic Of Awakening Gives You +3 Defense:

Ancient Columns Cave is at the bottom of this new hole. The Tunic of Awakening, which gives you +3 defense and does nothing else, is in the chest right in front of you. It is surrounded by an old, abandoned building. The next clue is also on the carved stone here.

“Give your soldier’s claymore to the two molded soldiers within the ruins of Hyrule Field, where fighters used to test their skills in battle. The sword will lead me to my riches.” This starts a side quest called “Misko’s Treasure of Awakening II.”


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