How To Finish The Heroines’ Secret In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish The Heroines’ Secret In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Once you get to the Gerudo Shelter in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll find out more about the heroes’ secret.

When you get to Gerudo, you might see the first part of one of the many tasks featuring the Gerudo, their present predicament, and how they’ve started living in bunkers below ground.

You can get tasks from many Guerdo in the area. One of them is called “The Heroine’s Secret,” and it involves the group Stelae within camp.

To Complete Heroes Secret You Have To Find All Of The Stelae In The Shelter:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you have to find all of the Stelae in the shelter to find out the heroes’ secret. The Gerudo woman who grants you the quest only knows of a pair, so here’s how to finish The Heroines’ Secret within Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom Heroines’ Secret was a side quest in The Legend of Zelda that takes place within Gerudo.

It’s where you’ll come across a character who seeks to know more about her fighter clan’s past. Here’s how to finish the Heroines’ Secret for Rotana within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, with help from our guide.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you can learn about the fascinating past of the Gerudo women. The Heroines’ Secret has a side mission that, if completed, gives players a look into the past.

The Stelae Are Not Easy To Find You Have To Do Some Hard Work:

Even though it might not seem hard to take pictures of ancient paintings, the stelae aren’t easy to find. To find something, you might have to dig, break rocks, and think in 3D. But when you finish this quest, everything will make sense.

The Gerudo are by far the most mysterious of the four main groups in The Legend of Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom’s Hyrule.

Do Not Forget To Look For Loot In Every Corner:

When Link explores the area where this old group lives, he will go from a hot desert to a frozen hill. Within nearly every aspect of this area, Link can find interesting objects and secret places.

In previous games, Link was treated like a stranger when he went to see the Gerudo. Within Tears of the Kingdom, however, the Gerudo invite him to discover their secrets with them.

How To Begin The Heroines’ Secret:

After going into the temporary underground Gerudo bunker, players can talk to Rotana, an NPC who is right by the door. When you talk to her, the Heroines’ Secret side quest will be added to your Adventure Log, as well as the search for the 4 stelae will begin.

All Locations Of Stelae:

To get an excellent perspective of each stela, you’ll have to solve a lot of moving and angle-based tasks. Here are the directions for each stela. The good thing is that the four stelae have within the bunker, so gamers won’t have to move around the field much.

Worse news? The four stelae have been concealed by a secret device that needs to be found out. So, here is where all of the stelae within Tears of the Kingdom can be found.

Place Of The First Stelae:

If you don’t want to get lost in this cave, start from where Rotana is. Go to the door behind her and a little bit to the right. When you get into that room, glance to the left to see a pile of broken things.

Use a tool that has been combined with rock to break up the rubble and reveal the initial stela behind it. Take a picture with your camera. Make sure the small red sign for the quest shows up before you save this image to your album. Then, go back to Rotana and give her the initial stela.

Place Of The Second Stelae:

Look to Rotana’s right and go into the space with the cloth design on top of it. Just keep running straight past the red-clothed door.

Turn to the right to see a sandbox at the end of the path. Break the vase in the bottom left corner and get on your knees to get into this room. Once you’re inside, employ Ascend to get into the jail. You can even talk to someone who is locked up inside.

But the stela that led us here is right in the middle of him, awaiting a picture to be taken. So, go back to Rotana with the second stela within the record.

Location Of The Third Stelae:

To find the third stela, go to the room to Rotana’s left. To take the picture, you need to know how to use your camera well. Instead, go directly across the room and stop in the far left corner.

From there, direct the camera in the direction of the door. The stela is halfway on a pole and halfway on a voe doll. Move the camera until the small red icon appears. Send the third stela back to Rotana; there is only one left.

Place Of The Fourth Stelae:

Like the third, the fourth stela occupies the room to Rotana’s left. But instead of sticking within the room with the dummies, take another left and go into the room with the sandy seals.

Then take one more left until you reach a dead end. There’s a pile of sand in an area that needs to be cleaned up.

Make a Korok frond guster by fusing a Korok frond as well as a tree branch together. With a few swishes, the pile of sand will dissolve away, as well as a lost piece of the fourth stela will be able to be seen.

Use Ultra-hand to put the lost piece back where it belongs, take a picture of it, and then go back to Rotana.

Keep In Mind:

Even though it’s unlikely which Link will get to Gerudo Town before getting the camera update from Tears of the Kingdom, he should go back to Josha as well as Robbie that Lookout Landing to finish their quest line if he hasn’t already.

This is needed to finish “The Heroines’ Secret.” Before, people thought there were only seven heroines, but Rotana will tell Link that every one of the stelae point to the presence of an eighth heroine.

She gives Link a strange orb as a prize. This orb will lead Link to the next task within the chain, “The Mysterious Eighth.” “The Heroines’ Secret” concludes at this point.


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