How To Finish The Stone Pedestal In The Remake Of Resident Evil 4

How To Finish The Stone Pedestal In The Remake Of Resident Evil 4:

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, you can find a stone pedestal close to the water, close to the vessel before you go on the lake. This puzzle is missing a few hexagon pieces, as well as if you’re able to discover them, you can get to the treasure that is hidden at this location.

It will require some effort to find all of the pieces and afterwards put the puzzle together. Here’s what you need to know to finish the stone pedestal and solve the hexagon puzzle in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 4 keeps a lot of what made the original game great, like puzzles that look like they were made to stump an Uncharted villain. The first big problem is the Stone Pedestal puzzle in Chapter 4.

Find All Of The Hexagon Pieces:

You need to find three hexagon-shaped pieces. You could indeed find one near where you talk to the merchant pretty quickly. This will happen soon after you exit the quarry as well as discover the merchant near the water. The first Hexagon piece is in a treasure chest to the right of the merchant.

In the fishery, the second hexagon piece would be close to where the boat fuel is. This will also happen before you get on the boat as well as head out onto the lake. It is in a small nook to the right of where the boat fuel is.

You must be able to come back to this area later if you miss it, as long as you can get to this part of the game.

When you beat the Lake Monster in Chapter 4, you’ll be able to get the third and last Hexagon piece. This happens when you go to the Mural Cave to look for the two keys.

It will be in a place called the Small Cave Shrine. Inside the Small Cave Shrine, you have to open the main gate. The third hexagon piece is to the right of the closed door.

Once you have all 3, go back to the stone pedestal where you discovered the boat with no fuel as well as put the hexagon bits inside.

How To Put Together A Hexagon Puzzle:

When you have all three of the hexagon pieces, put them on the stone pedestal. Here’s a GIF that shows the answer.

Step 1: Draw attention to the three hexagons in the lower left corner. Move that choice to the left by one degree. You can’t choose which manner to rotate it, so you only need to press the button once.

Step 2: Draw attention to the three hexagonal shapes on the top. Move that choice to the left by one degree.


This will complete the puzzle, awarding you with the Depraved Idol! This item sells to the Merchant for 15,000 Pesetas.


Six years after the events of Resident Evil 2, Leon S. Kennedy is sent on a mission to save Ashley Graham, the girl of the US president, from the violent cult Los Iluminados in a Spanish village.

Ada Wong, Leon’s operator Ingrid Hunnigan, the civilian Luis Serra, as well as the bad guys Bitores Mendez, Ramon Salazar, Jack Krauser, and Osmund Saddler are among the other characters.


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