How To Obtain The Gold Attache Case In The Resident Evil 4 Remake

How To Obtain The Gold Attache Case In The Resident Evil 4 Remake:

Attache cases are an important part of the inventory in the Resident Evil 4 remake. They let you organize and carry your weapons, ammo, as well as health items in style.

The Attache case is made up of a grid system that you can change to fit your needs. Items snap into place and can be rotated as needed. Don’t be put off by how small the case is at first. As you play the game, you’ll be able to buy bigger cases from the merchant.

There are a total of 5 Attaché cases in the game, and each one has a different look and set of bonuses. The gold one is among the most interesting ones, but how do you get it? Attache Cases are one of the biggest ways in which Resident Evil 4 Remake is different from the original game.

Depending on which attachment case users choose, you’ll unlock a new way to change the game, and you can switch between them at any time. This is a big change from when you could only play the best minigame in the world, which was organizing your inventory.

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, What Is The Attached Case?

In Resident Evil 4, the Attache Case is part of the gamer’s inventory screen. It’s made up of a grid where items snap into place. The player can move and turn the items to suit their tastes.

The case can only be used for weapons, weapon attachments, ammo, as well as health items, except for Ada in Assignment, who must utilize space for Plaga Samples, which are important items.

All Charms On A List:

Here is a list of all the charms that are known to be obtainable in Resident Evil 4 remake.


Please keep in mind that these bonuses don’t add up, but you can sell duplicates to the merchant.

Legendary Charms

Cute Bear

-1 Gunpowder used when Crafting


Increases run speed by 8%

Epic Charms

Iluminados Emblem

+20% Melee Critical Hit Rate

Ashley Graham

+50% Health Recovery for Green Herbs


5% Off All Weapon Upgrades

Rhino Beetle

+100% Health Recovery Item Resale Value

Rare Charms

Ada Wong

30% off Body Armour Repairs

Luis Sera

+20% Weapon Resale Value

Leon w/ Rocket Launcher

20% off the Rocket Launcher

Leon w/ Handgun

30% off Knife Repairs

Leon w/ Shotgun

+40% Ammo Resale Value


+100% Health Recovery Rate for All Egg Types

Black Bass

+100% Health Recovery Rate for Black Bass

Common Charms

Leader Zealot

+10% Health Recovery for Green Herbs

Don Jose

+15% Handgun Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency

Soldier w/ Hammer

+20% Handgun Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency

Don Estaban

+15% Shotgun Shells Craft Bonus Frequency

Zealot /w Shield

+20% Shotgun Shells Craft Bonus Frequency

Don Diego

+15% Rifle Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency

Dr. Salvador

+20% Rifle Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency

Don Miguel

+15% Submachine Gun Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency

Zealot w/ Scythe

+20% Submachine Gun Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency

Soldier w/ Stun Rod

+15% Bolt Craft Bonus Frequency

Zealot w/ Bowgun

+20% Bolt Craft Bonus Frequency

Soldier w/ Dynamite

+30% Attachable Mines Craft Bonus Frequency


+15% Magnum Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency

Bella Sisters

+20% Magnum Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency


+30% Health Recovery for Vipers

Don Pedro

+40% Health Recovery for Vipers

Deluxe Edition DLC Charms

Green Herb

+15% Health Recovery for Green Herbs

Handgun Ammo

+30% Handgun Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency

How To Open The Gold Attach Case:

The standard edition of Resident Evil 4 Remake doesn’t come with the Gold Attaché case, which is a shame. Instead, it is a bonus that only people who bought the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of the game can get. This is bad news for those who didn’t get the chance.

But it’s important to note that Capcom has a history of putting out similar bonuses as downloadable content for its remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3. So, there may be a chance that the Gold Attaché case could become DLC.

What Are The Good Things About Getting Gold?

Those who are lucky enough to own it can’t deny how useful it is. It makes it more likely that pesetas, the main currency in the game, will drop. This lets players get more money so they can buy more ammunition, medical supplies, and even weapons that are hard to get.

With the Gold Attache case, you can save up enough pesetas to buy that dream weapon before you have enough treasure as well as gems to sell to the merchant.

How To Open New Attache Cases:

To get some of the best bonuses in Resident Evil 4, you have to complete Blue Note Requests for the merchant. Some will ask you to kill a certain number of rats, and some will ask you to shoot a set of blue medallions that are scattered around certain areas.

Once you’ve done these things, go back to the merchant and trade them for spinel. Then, go to the “Trade” tab. Here, you can buy weapons, treasure maps, or even new attaché cases with spinel.

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, there are five attaché cases: three will show up in the merchant’s inventory at different points in the game, one comes with the deluxe and collector’s editions, and one is only available as a pre order bonus.

What Charms To Wear:

After getting a few of the 30 charms, it’s occasionally hard to figure out which ones are worth wearing. There are a few methods for organizing them into groups, that could help you figure out which ones are the best.

  1. Crafting Bonus Charms
  2. Merchant Discount Charms
  3. Healing Bonus Charms
  4. Combat Charms

Most of the time, combat charms are the best ones to have, yet they’re extremely hard to get. For example, the Iluminados charm gives melee attacks a higher chance to hit.

The cute bear charm is an additional good choice because it lowers the cost of gunpowder in ALL recipes. However, because it is a legendary charm, the chances of getting it are extremely low.

After that, you should use the other slots to get constructing bonuses for the weapons users most frequently use, like rifle or shotgun ammo, because they will give you a better chance of making more bonus ammo when you craft.

You can also buy healing bonus charms if you have too many healing items or are in an area with a lot of healing items. For example, the Black Bass Charm makes you heal faster when you eat fish, but you can only discover it in chapters that take you near lakes or pools of water.

Keep in Mind:

Merchant Discount Charms are also a great way to save money, but remember that there is always a typewriter by the merchant, so you can just swap them in before selling, fixing, or upgrading. Just don’t forget to switch them back before you leave again.


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