How To Get Through Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Starting Village

How To Get Through Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Starting Village:

The remake of Resident Evil 4 starts out almost exactly the same as the original. Even though the buildings as well as set pieces look much better, they are all in the same place.

This includes the village battle at the beginning of the game, which is a real test for any player. This guide tells you how to navigate your way through this starting village so you don’t get confused and do the wrong thing.

Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 4 has many modifications from the original game, which came out in 2005. However, the first chapter of the game, which takes place in a village, is mostly the same.

After Leon goes through the first few parts of the game, he will come across a village with a lot of plague-infected people who are ready to kill players by any means necessary.

During this part of the game, if players pause it, the goal will just say “Fight them off.” This guide will help anyone who is new to Resident Evil 4 and doesn’t know how to get through this part.

How To Get Through The Beginning Village:

As you walk into the starting village, you’ll see the second police officer who was helping Leon get burned alive. As soon as you walk into the area and they see Leon, the people there will be pretty mean to you.

At first, it’s not clear how to get through the village. But we can tell you that all you have to do is stay alive until the bell rings. When this happens, all of Leon’s enemies will stop attacking him and go inside the tower, letting you get away.

When Will It Be Done?

In the starting village, the timer goes for about two to four minutes. It changes based on how hard it is and whether Chainsaw Man is triggered early or not.

We suggest that you start Chainsaw Man early if you’re able to, then run around and rush through buildings to avoid any possible harm. You can kill enemies from a few good spots, but Chainsaw Man has made this very hard to do when he charges you.

Do You Have To Murder Everyone Who Lives In The Village?

No, you don’t have to kill everyone in the village who is an enemy. We saw that no matter how many enemies we killed, more kept coming. If you want to speed things up and have some fun, run to the emergency exit at the far finish of the village to make the Chainsaw Man enemy appear.

He will walk inside and try to kill you with a huge chainsaw. This enemy will show up whether you trigger him sooner or not, but once he does, things get more chaotic, so it’s a good way to shorten the time until the bell rings.

Use A Gun To Help You Out:

If you’re having trouble staying alive until the bell rings, go into the big building in the middle of the village. On the first floor, you may obtain a shotgun and then jump out the windows to avoid being apprehended.

You can also run thru the open barn with the cow inside, shoot the lantern, as well as watch your enemies burn as they chase you. This is a great way to hurt the Chainsaw Man.

Some Advice:

Leon can pick up a shotgun from the residence on the north side. Run into the building, block the door, and get ready for the chainsaw guy and the other villagers to attack. The shotgun would be up on the second floor, ready to be taken. This will help a lot in this sequence.

At the southern end of the circle, there is a barn with a lantern. Villagers can be lured into the barn, and then the player can shoot the lantern to set the barn on fire, making a lot of noise. If the cow gets on fire, it will start running around, setting the villagers on fire as it goes.

Instead of wasting handgun bullets by shooting the villagers in the body or hands, try to shoot them in the legs so they fall over. Once they’re on their knees, players can use a close-range strike on them, which can even knock down nearby enemies.


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