How To Finish The Stars In Their Eyes Side Quest In Horizon

How To Finish The Stars In Their Eyes Side Quest In Horizon:

The 3rd main mission inside the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West is called “The Stars in Their Eyes.” Aloy and Seyka are going through a rough time because they are both maintaining secrets from each other. Everything is about coming to a head in this dangerous task.

Aloy and Seyka can get into the Hall of Ascension if they find the Words of Attainment during the Stars within Their Eyes mission in Horizon: Forbidden West Burning Shores. Their newest enemy has concealed something inside there, and the two are trying to figure out what it is.

Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores takes place after the main story of Forbidden West comes to a close. In the DLC, when Aloy gets to the Burning Shores, she teams up with a new friend to go after a fresh and dangerous enemy.

Aloy and Seyka go to the locations where Seyka’s people might be after looking at the ruins of Londra’s old company. During the 3rd primary quest for the Burning Shores DLC, the story starts expanding up even more.

In this quest, players of Horizon: Forbidden West will find out more about what Londra plans to do and get a very powerful new tool at the same time.

How To Play The Stars in Their Eyes:

We’ve put together easy-to-follow steps for how to finish The Stars within Their Eyes. You are able to locate the answers to each puzzle under its own heading. You can read it at your own pace, or you can scroll to the part you’re having trouble with to get a quick tip.

Put The Shield Away:

You’ll start your quest on Seyka’s boat and sail to a new spot within Burning Shores. This is the location where the signal was coming from that you found in the Heaven and Earth task.

Follow the goal line to the top of the hill, where you’ll find a campfire and a cave. Inside that cave is the way forward, but a shield guards the way. To turn off that screen, you have to turn off the power sources on the close Horus legs.

In fact, there are two distinct problems, and both have to do with the bile duct. Even with Seyka by your side, taking down these machines is a lot of work. Focus on taking out the drones that fly around these robots, and then go after their bellies.

When you pop their acid sacs, it will hurt them over time and make them less able to defend themselves. Use that chance to get rid of as many parts as you can, since that’s what does the most damage.

If you want to fight these enemies better, you might want to change your clothing with one of the new ones from the DLC. We discovered that arrows and spears worked best because we could hit our targets with more accuracy.

When you’re done destroying these bile tubes, make sure you look around for parts. They can be used to improve the new clothes you purchase in the Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC.

Now that the Bileguts are gone, you can go to every one of the blue engines on Horus’s legs that are quivering and turn them off.

Aloy opens up a power source before Seyka smashes it. This is a nice way to show that not of them could have performed this without first the other. When you turn these off, the cave will be open, and nothing you’ve done so far can prepare you for what’s inside.

When you step into the pit, you’ll find all the lost Quen. They are happy to be there, though. They seem to have been brainwashed or are stupid enough to think that if they do anything Walter Londra instructs them to do, they will get Zenith life.

Aloy as well as Seyka make up a tale for getting inside, but things gets even stranger. The next room is full of holograms that Londra made, and each one makes him look more like a god than a person.

It’s clear that he took benefit of the fact that the Quen worship old humans by posing as a living ancestor and building a group around himself with only people who would follow him.

Because of this, so many Quen have just vanished. They chose to come here. Explore this area slowly, because there is a lot to see.

How To Get Into The Ascension Chamber:

All of the Quen here are being tested till they learn the Words of Attainment, which will enable them enter the Ascension Chamber to discover more about what Londra wants for them.

Aloy and Seyka can’t get in because they don’t know the Words of Attainment, which reportedly take a few weeks to learn. But we’ll show you how to learn them quickly in the next section.

How To Study The Attainment Words Quickly:

To learn the Words of Attainment quickly, talk to every person or image in this room. There are three places to engage with. Two of them are holograms, and the third is an old Quen friend of Seyka’s.

Once you’ve done this, talk to Otosu, the Quen who left the Chamber of Ascension while you were outside of it. He won’t want to share with you the words, but if you select the conversation choice “Dedication,” he’ll be happy to tell you the words of achievement.

Once you know the words of achievement, you can go back to the door and you’ll be let in. As with all the other rooms in this mission, the following one will blow your mind even more.

Check Out The Rocket And Get Away:

A rocket is in the Ascension Chamber. Not a regular rocket, but one that Londra plans to use to leave Earth before Nemesis comes to destroy everything. Take your time and look around to find as much loot as you can before you’re close enough to the rocket to scan it.

In the Horus machine, you need to read two spots on the rocket along with a spot above it to move the quest forward. Aloy tells him that Londra has fixed the Horus printer and is using it to construct his rocket.

He was at the wreck you had been to before because he desired the plan for the rocket engine. The one that, if ever used, will destroy everything within 1,000 kilometers of it Aloy and Syka’s problems reach a head, and then Zeth and a group of fighters show up.

This sets off an alarm in the room, and now all of the Quen fighters are coming to attack you.

Kill the first wave of enemies, then rush through the newly uncovered doors on both sides of the room to use three computers to turn off the lockdown. Turning off all three will let you go back to the door and fight Zeth, who is carrying a Zenith weapon.

Defeat Zeth By:

Zeth is weak to acid as well as electricity harm, but plasma works well towards him if you don’t have either. Shoot off his protection, and then use as many arrows as well as spears as you’re able to hit the soft parts.

His Zenith weapon shoots fast rounds behind which you can hide. But if he strikes you via a tracking shot, you should run and dodge the falling bullets because they are all directed at you. This fight with the boss is hard, but it’s not impossible.

Resurrect Seyka every time she falls, and you should be able to hit Zeth enough times to kill him and then start the cutscene for the end of the level. Aloy tells Seyka what’s going on with Nemesis after the fight, and Seyka runs back to Fleet’s End to report on the task.

Aloy feels bad about giving Seyka this information while she’s attempting to locate her sister, but they have to keep working together, so there was no other choice. Get the Spectre Gauntlet by picking up Zeth’s Zenith weapon.

What Is The Gauntlet Of Spectre?

The Spectre Gantlet was a weapon made by Zenith. It was given to Zeth by Londra. It is very strong and has a lock-on shot that fires all bullets in the same direction without the user having to aim. You can also add a railgun to it, but you’ll have to do a few additional missions to get the parts you need.

As you leave the base, you’ll see that the Quen here have been informed that Londra no longer wants them. Their faith has been broken, and they don’t know if they’ll go back to Fleet’s End or attempt to keep things going where they are. They are not happy with Seyka as well as Aloy either way.


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