How To Get The Godskin Peeler In Elden Ring

How To Get The Godskin Peeler In Elden Ring:

The Godskin Peeler is one of only six twinblade-class weapons you’ll find in Elden Ring as you travel through the Lands Between. It’s additionally one of the greatest Pokémon in the game because it has a unique set of moves as well as a still more unusual Ash of War.

The Peeler is popular with both Bleed builds as well as Faith builds, and it’s not too hard to get, though you will have to kill a boss to get it.

What Is Godskin Peeler?

The Godskin Peeler is a twinblade that can be found in the Elden Ring after the Great Lift of Dectus to the Altus Plateau has been unlocked.

You can find the Godskin Peeler Twinblade by going to the Windmill Village from the place of grace on the Road of Iniquity. Keep going until you reach a village where people are dancing and smiling. In Elden Ring, the Godskin Peeler Twinblade will be by the windmill at the top of the town.

Lovers of the series are aware that it’s best to look at every part of Elden Ring, even though you can skip a lot of it. If a gamer looks for every secret, they might find some powerful tools.

One Of The Most Powerful Twin Blades Is The Godskin Peeler:

For example, the Godskin Peeler ranks as one of the best two-bladed weapons in the game, and it already has a strong skill. But there are many things that need to happen before fans can get their prize.

How To Locate The Godskin Peeler:

You can get the Godskin Peeler, which is the preferred weapon of the Godskin Apostles, from one of these enemies in the far north of the Altus Plateau, near the windmill towns.

If you’re coming from the south, you’ll probably see several windmills on the hill. The town was the set furthest to the east. At the town’s center is the Windmill Heights Site of Grace.

Go To The Highest Point Of The Hill:

Get to the highest point of the hill when you get to the village. There, an isolated Godskin Apostle is waiting. To get the Peeler, you’ll have to beat him. This form of the boss is possibly the easiest in Elden Ring because it has the least amount of health and does the least amount of damage.

Slow Moving Fireball Is Easy To Avoid:

That doesn’t make him much less scary, though, because he continues to possess all the strikes and stages associated with his more powerful relatives. One of the best ways to beat this boss is with magic, since his only defense is a slow-moving fireball that is easy to avoid.

When facing the Apostle in close combat, your best bet is to lure out any of its moves that hit multiple times before you wait for them to stop. All of the boss’s moves take a long time to heal, so you have a lot of time to do harm before the fight starts up again.

Use St. Trina’s Arrows On Apostle:

You can also put the Apostle unconscious with Sleep Pots or St. Trina’s Arrows for what amounts to a free kill.

The Apostle’s second stage makes him a little more hazardous, but you can still do damage if you can avoid his stretching moves and stay near the bottom of his body. You’ll get the Godskin Peeler as soon as you kill the Apostle.

By Default Godskin  Peeler Comes With Black Flame Tornado:

The Godskin Peeler comes with Black Flame Tornado, which is considered to be one of the greatest PvE  (Player vs Enemy)Ashes of War within all of Elden Ring because of how much it stuns and how much damage it does over time.

Bleed Is A Good Status Effect To Give The Weapon:

You can also give the weapon any status effects that are available to you. Bleed is a good status effect to give the weapon. If you can get both of them, almost nothing will stay alive for more than a few hits.

Basic Information

Type Twin-blade
Attack type Strike
Skills Black Flame Tornado
FP Cost 30
Weight 8
Sell Price 500


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